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Kitten Finds a New Brother with Long Ears and Wiggly Nose


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A five month old kitten has found a new brother with long ears and a wiggly nose.

Ever since Denzou the Scottish Fold kitten came to his new home, Shibazou the two-year-old bunny took to the little feline friend as his own. He welcomed him into his comfy nest for a tour and even shared his bed with the little kitten.

Shibazou acts like a big brother when Denzou is around. He guards him, never lets him out of his sight and snuggles with him when they nap. Shibazou tolerates the little kitten's mischief and many antics and is always there to keep him company.

More info on Instagram @ s2102s.

The bond they share is simply adorable!

Snuggle time!

Denzou likes to be where his brother is, and Shibazou always makes sure he doesn't get in trouble.

Watch this cute video. The ending is precious!

Denzou looks up to his brother and follows him around the house.

He's always curious about what Shibazou eats.

This is what family meal time looks like!

Denzou taking a nap in Shibazou's bed.

Shibazou watches him fall asleep :).

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