Purple Kitten is Getting Back to His Glorious Grey Coat

Smurf the kitten has come a long way! He’s so close to getting back to his glorious grey coat! This is his incredible journey from the day he was rescued to now!

He weighed just 1 lb 10 oz when he came to Nine Lives Foundation.

Surf was just 7 weeks old when he was rescued by Nine Lives Foundation. His coat was dyed with purple ink and he had endured quite an ordeal likely as a chew toy for another animal, but the little fur baby wanted to live!

The good folks at the Nine Lives brought him back to health and found him a furry companion that he bonded with. Wanda, a blind rescue kitten, was placed in the same cage as Smurf on her first day. The two quickly became inseparable friends.

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When Smurf and Wanda met, it was love at first sight!

30 days after Smurf came to the Nine Lives Foundation.

Smurf loves his new homemade and personalized quilt sent by Nancy H.

Taking a nap away from all the craziness in this world!

Smurf and Wanda enjoying a quiet moment together - if only you could hear the synchronous purring!

They complete each other :).

Smurf has finally caught up to his age appropriate weight!

"Smurf's purple color is approximately 70% gone! He is becoming a gorgeous grey medium hair fluffy boy!"

Enjoying the view of northern California :).

Smurf loving a warm sun bath!

Smurf and Wanda together forever!

Smurf has come a long way and the purple is slowly disappearing as he heals up and grows. Soon we will see him full fledged in his stunning grey fur.

What an incredible little kitty!

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