Cat Comes Upon Neighbor She Can Trust, a Little While Later There are Kittens Outside Her House

Cat Comes Upon Neighbor She Can Trust, a Little While Later There are Kittens Outside Her House


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A cat came upon a neighbor she could trust. A little while later, there were kittens outside her house.

kittens porch yardJen Wood

Earlier this year, a feral cat wandered into a neighbor's yard, searching for a bite to eat. When the resident noticed the cat, she put out food and water, hoping to alleviate her hunger and thirst.

The cat stayed clear of people but returned to the yard regularly for her meals. Over time, she felt less wary of her food provider and more comfortable being on her porch.

For a while, the resident wasn't aware that the cat was pregnant.

feral cat kittensMama RBG had kittens outside a resident's homeJen Wood

One day, she found the cat with three tiny kittens outside her house. "The carer built enough trust with Mama that she ended up having the babies on her front porch," Jen Wood, director of Liberation Cat House, shared with Love Meow.

While looking after the family of four, the carer began to unravel the back story of the feral mom. Her neighbors shared that this wasn't the cat's first litter.

feral cat nursing kittensThe feral mama was wary of people but grateful for the food and shelterJen Wood

"She had a previous litter, and her babies started disappearing one by one."

The carer was committed to keeping the family safe but knew that as the kittens became active, they would need a home away from the challenges of the outdoors.

tuxedo kittenJen Wood

"She started doing research about feral cats and statistics and realized she needed to help this family. That's when she contacted us," Jen told Love Meow.

"She wanted to end the cycle of endless litters for the sweet mama and help find a better life for her babies. Luckily, we had the space and time to be able to help this family."

cute tabby kitten lap catJen Wood

"Her carer was so worried about her and her babies that she did not rest until she found a group to help them."

With the rescue's support, they brought the cat and her trio to a safe place where the mom could continue nursing until her kittens were weaned.

kittens snuggling manJen Wood

They named the cat Mama RBG in honor of the carer, who is studying law. Once the kittens began eating from a dish, Mama RBG's job was complete.

She was spayed and returned to her carer and the place she was most comfortable with. "She did not adapt to indoor life, but she was happier living with her colony."

tabby kittens cat treeThe tabbies loved to climbJen Wood

Many neighbors also help to look after RBG, providing food, water, warmth, and comfort.

The three kittens were treated for some stomach issues. They quickly acclimated to indoor life, grew fond of their people, and developed endearing personalities.

tuxedo kitten funThe tuxedo was a mischief-makerJen Wood

The feline brothers were full of unbridled energy, wrestling and playing nonstop until they tired themselves out.

The two tabbies were avid climbers, always seeking out the highest vantage points. The tuxedo enjoyed scampering around, transforming the house into his playground.

tabby kittens cuteJen Wood

In the morning, Jen's family woke up to a whirlwind of activity from the trio, darting and romping around the place until they surrendered to a nap.

"The boys were tuckered out from a full morning of playing."

sleeping pile kittensJen Wood

After weeks in foster care, the kittens were ready to spread their wings and fly. They quickly found wonderful families who fell head over heels for them.

They are spending their first holiday season in the warmth and comfort of their loving homes.

tabby kittensJen Wood

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