Kitten Reminiscent of Woman's Late Cat, Finds Her in a Serendipitous Way

Kitten Reminiscent of Woman's Late Cat, Finds Her in a Serendipitous Way


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A little kitten found his forever human mom when she needed him the most.

kitten, cuddlesAmbrose the kitten cuddling with his forever momEllen Carozza LVT

Ellen Carozza, a Licensed Veterinary Technician at Nova Cat Clinic, found her world turned upside down when she was faced with devastating news — her best friend, closest confidante of almost seven years, Benny the cat (Benedict Cumbercat), passed away on April 2nd from Feline Aortic Thromboembolism.

Benny was the fixture in Ellen's life, a beam of sunshine and a bolster of strength. He assisted her with many orphan kittens she brought home, and printed his signature kisses on each of them.

He was an amazing surrogate dad to the kittens and always managed to lift up the spirit of those who were most in need.

surrogate cat, orphan kittenBenny showering an orphan kitten with loveEllen Carozza LVT

"Benny came to me in 2014 when I really needed him after a long hiatus of not having my own cat, and simply left me too soon in a body that was broken," Ellen told Love Meow.

"My soul literally died that day with him. Just going home after work each day felt like I had an elephant on my chest as my best buddy was not there anymore."

cat, cat treeBenedict Cumbercat aka BennyEllen Carozza LVT

True to her passion, Ellen continued treating feline patients and helping rescues despite the loss. "I have moments of being okay while occupied but once I stop, the depression appears. He wasn't just a cat, he was my everything," Ellen wrote.

"Benny has been with me through multiple cats and I knew he would show up again. Exactly when, I didn't know."

cuddles, cat, kittenBenny cuddling with his foster kittenEllen Carozza LVT

About a month later, through her nonprofit foundation, The Chris Griffey Memorial Feline Foundation, where she works closely with many rescues, shelters and foster groups, she received a message about a litter of orphan kittens needing help.

"The Arlington Welfare League's Kitten College contacted me about a special group of kittens. Once I saw the photo, it was Benny being present in not just one but five cats," Ellen shared with Love Meow.

"From the upper respiratory infection, to the chill personalities, to the white tail tip on a cinnamon colored kitten, and to an all white kitten with a single wisp of a sun-kissed spot on the back of his head (Benny's favorite thing to do was sit in the sun all day). How could you not see this as serendipitous!"

pocket kitten, purritoAmbrose the little pocket kittenEllen Carozza LVT

Ellen was excited yet nervous to meet the kittens, worrying that she wasn't ready. But when she had the little Benny look-alike in her arms, time seemed to slow down as everything just felt right.

"When I held Ambrose (the little white kitten), I knew he was mine," Ellen told Love Meow.

Ellen Carozza LVT

"While being right around four weeks old, they don't really have a set personality immediately. Like all cats, they need to get comfortable with their new surroundings, food and handling, but Ambrose was different."

The tiny ball of fur melted into Ellen when she held him — the very same way that Benny did when she first got him.

Ellen Carozza LVT

There was an instant connection between the two, reminiscent of Benny. The sweet kitten fit right into Ellen's home as everything he did was so familiar and comforting.

Ambrose left, Baby Benny rightEllen Carozza LVT

He enjoys being cradled like a baby and carried around in the comfort of Ellen's pocket. He will drift off to sleep when he is catered to, and has been a wonderful bottle baby, eating like a champ.

Ellen Carozza LVT

Nothing makes Ambrose happier than being with his favorite person, now his forever human mom. He's filling that cat-shaped hole in her heart with all his purrs and snuggles.

"We have so many new adventures to look forward to."

cute kittenEllen Carozza LVT

"I hope everyone sees that a loss of a pet does not mean the end. What it does do is allow you to open your heart for another pet in need of the love you can provide," Ellen shared with Love Meow.

"I know I certainly needed it myself, and Ambrose is there to provide it."

Ellen Carozza LVT

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