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Cat Loves His Little Buddy and They Do Everything Together!


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Ever since these two buddies met, they have been best friends. This beautiful American Short-haired cat from Nyanpedia befriended a little baby and decided he would do everything the baby does.

The beautiful stripey cat belongs to a staff member at Nyanpedia, a Japanese dictionary for cats. He's a very caring kitty and loves children. So when they are together, it's pure cuteness!

The baby looks out the tiny window on the door, curiously checking out the other side of the room.

Photo: Nyanpedia

The kitty joins the baby by standing up next to him, putting his paws on the window, just like the baby does.

Photo: Nyanpedia

The kitty is slightly taller than the baby when he stands up on his two hind paws.

The two buddies share a very special moment together.

Photo: Nyanpedia

After all the playing and exploring, both buddies are tuckered out. Time for a nap!

Photo: Nyanpedia

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