Maine Coon Cat Guards His Baby Sister for Life!

Maine Coon Cat Guards His Baby Sister for Life!


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Eddie, a 3-year-old Maine Coon cat, is a guardian to his 9-month-old little baby sister, Josilyn. They share a very special bond.

"Take my paw, little human!"

Courtesy of Chris Dieterle

"I came out to the entryway of our house to find this, our 9 month baby girl Josilyn and our 3 year old Maine Coon cat Eddie holding hands /paws," Chris Dieterle said.

Josilyn adores Eddie and always wants to be around him. She loves to crawl after him and plays with her furry buddy as if she's copying his moves. Eddie is a tolerant and patient companion who watches over Josilyn when she plays and gives her a paw when she needs it.

"She usually gives him a bear hug after each play," Dieterle told Love Meow.

"Once Josilyn gets a little older, it will be hard to separate the two."

Courtesy of Chris Dieterle

Eddie the Maine Coon gives Josilyn something to lean on.

Courtesy of Chris Dieterle

Best friends for life!

Courtesy of Chris Dieterle


Josilyn is 1 year old now. The two buddies are totally inseparable!

Courtesy of Chris Dieterle

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