Cat Brimming with Joy When Kind Woman Gives Her and 5 Kittens a Roof Over Their Heads and Fresh Start

Cat Brimming with Joy When Kind Woman Gives Her and 5 Kittens a Roof Over Their Heads and Fresh Start


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A cat was brimming with joy when a kind woman gave her and five kittens a roof over their heads and a fresh start.

cat mom kittensRaven and her kittensTinyButMightyKittenRescue

A cat, named Raven, and her five one-week-old kittens were in need of a warm and loving haven. She was just skin and bones after giving her all to nourish her kittens.

Mellissa of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue responded to the plea for help and leapt into action. She opened her home to them, creating a nurturing space where they could feel safe.

When they arrived, Mellissa was struck by their need for immediate care and cleaning. She rolled up her sleeves and got to work.

cat mom nursing kittensTinyButMightyKittenRescue

"They were incredibly infested with fleas. In all my 6.5 years in rescue, I had never seen so many fleas, especially not on teeny tiny newborn kittens. They were quite literally coated in flea dirt," Mellissa shared with Love Meow.

"Thankfully, I got them into my care just in time and got them cleaned up and treated right away."

cat mom nursing kittensIt took a few days to remove all the fleas and flea dirtTinyButMightyKittenRescue

Over the next few days, Mellissa diligently combed through their fur and rid them of any trace of flea dirt with a lint roller until there was not a single flea in sight.

The kittens nursed blissfully, their bodies nestled against their mom, their purrs filling the room with a gentle melody.

happy kitten hug cat momThe kitten in the middle wanted her mom to herselfTinyButMightyKittenRescue

"Raven was naturally unsure of me when she first arrived. This was expected as she was a mom and in a new place."

The abundance of food, the comfort of a soft bed, and the feeling of home softened her heart, and she began to let down her guard.

sleeping kittens cat momTinyButMightyKittenRescue

Within a few days, Raven felt safe and secure around her foster mom. She gladly accepted assistance from her, allowing herself to catch her breath. "She's such a sweet girl and an incredible mom."

Mellissa continued to provide Raven with the nourishment she needed to fill out.

sweet tiny kitten rollingTinyButMightyKittenRescue

When the kittens started exploring, they twitched with excitement and curiosity, their eyes and noses taking in all the new sights and smells.

It was time to upgrade their pen into a more spacious suite and introduce toys into their routine.

kitten cat learningRaven showed her kitten how to eat from a bowlTinyButMightyKittenRescue

With their newfound mobility, the kittens clung to their mother's heels, mirroring her every move, eager to learn the ways of the world.

"They are learning to drink water. They mostly just feel the need to walk in the bowl, splash water all over and accidentally get water up their nose."

kittens cat waterThe kittens learned to drink water for the first timeTinyButMightyKittenRescue

Raven is even more attentive now that her kittens are a furry frenzy of activity, racing around the room like tiny tornadoes.

"If anyone gets hurt from playing, she's so quick to show up and make sure they're okay."

playful kittens sweetTinyButMightyKittenRescue

While the kittens are engrossed in their food and games, Raven can finally sink into her favorite blanket and enjoy a moment of peace and tranquility.

"She also 'hunts' toy mice and fuzzy pompoms and brings them to her babies, meows to get their attention or wake them up, as if she's bringing them food. Even though they have an unlimited amount of kitten food to eat, it's so precious to watch."

sweet cat snuggly blanketTinyButMightyKittenRescue

Raven and her bundles of joy are ready for adoption and will be spayed and neutered later this month. A delightful surprise is in store for the sweet mama.

A wonderful family recently expressed their interest in adopting Raven, but later fell in love with two of her kittens, Jasper and Hawk, as well. As their hearts swelled with love, they decided to inquire about a trio adoption.

happy kittensEverest, Onyx, Jasper, Scout and HawkTinyButMightyKittenRescue

"It's such a perfect forever home. I couldn't be more thrilled for them," Mellissa told Love Meow.

Their siblings, Scout, Everest and Onyx, are also ready for their happily-ever-after. They spend their days romping and feasting, filling the house with endless joy and laughter.

snuggly sleeping kittensScout, Everest and OnyxTinyButMightyKittenRescue

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