Cat Starts to Open Up When She Realizes Her Six Look-alike Kittens are in Best Hands

Cat Starts to Open Up When She Realizes Her Six Look-alike Kittens are in Best Hands


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A cat started to open up when she realized her six look-alike kittens were in the best hands.

tuxedo cat kittensTaylor the cat and her little mini-mesHeidi Shoemaker

A tuxedo cat and her litter of six were brought into a shelter in Wichita, KS, desperately needing rescue. Heidi Shoemaker of Foster Kitten Mama (in CO) learned about their situation and rushed to help.

She took the family of seven into her care and provided a comfortable space for the cat to raise her kittens. With six hungry mouths to feed, the mother cat named Taylor was protective of her babies and worked tirelessly around the clock.

"She was very timid and tired, but such a sweet girl. She fed her babies all day long," Heidi shared with Love Meow.

cat mother kittensTaylor was rescued along with her litter of sixHeidi Shoemaker

Slowly but surely, Taylor warmed up to her people when she realized her kittens were safe. She was extremely attentive to her littles and showered them with all the love in the world.

Knowing that she no longer had to fend for their safety, Taylor began to relax in her comfy, warm nest, and enjoy the amenities that came with it. She allowed her people to handle her precious babies as a sign of trust.

cat mom kittensShe began to relax when she realized her kittens were safeHeidi Shoemaker

"At this age, kittens don't want to be away from their mama even for a second, but these little ones just gazed at us with the sweetest eyes when we held them."

The kittens came down with some stomach issues and had to be treated and bathed. Thanks to the timely rescue, they were able to get the medical care they needed.

tuxedo cat kittensTaylor adores her little look-alikes, Harry, Nick and JustinHeidi Shoemaker

Heidi worked alongside mama Taylor to ensure that the kittens were on track to a full recovery while Taylor kept them fed and adored, day in and day out.

"She has been such a good mama, soft, attentive and gentle. She's never pushy or jumpy, and has an amazing spirit about her," Heidi told Love Meow.

sweet cat mom kittensShe is a wonderful mother to her six babiesHeidi Shoemaker

All six kittens turned out to be boys, and they were named after members of different boy bands -- Justin Timberlake, Donnie Wahlberg, Harry Styles, Nick Lachey, Joe Jonas, and AJ McLean.

"These little boys are just perfectly beautiful. They are each so sweet, wide-eyed and amazing."

cat mom kittenHeidi Shoemaker

After their tummy issues were resolved, the kittens put on weight and gained plenty of energy and mischief. They zoomed around the room, chasing one another with so much vigor.

Now that the kittens are old enough to be on their own, Taylor is starting to take a backseat, watching her younglings from afar.

adorable tuxedo kittensAJ, Donnie, NickHeidi Shoemaker

"Taylor has done such a good job raising these precious boys, and I'm extra excited to see her find a special home to get pampered in," Heidi added.

After weeks in foster care, the family of seven are ready for their next chapter in life.

tuxedo cat taylorHeidi Shoemaker

Joe has the cute birthmark next to his nose. Justin (tux in the back) is always the first to run up to greet people. AJ is the sole panther kitty in the house.

kittens cuddle puddleAJ, Justin, Joe and NickHeidi Shoemaker

"Taylor is such a good mom to her six boys. I want her to have the best home when she's done raising her last ever litter. She will make an excellent companion and would do well with one of her boys."

kittens cuddle cat taylorHeidi Shoemaker

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