Cat's 21st Christmas. She May Look Grumpy, But is Really Happy for the Holiday


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Meet Snickers the cat. This is going to be her 21st Christmas. She may look grumpy but she's really happy for the holiday :).

21-year-old cat Snickers may have a grumpy face, "but I swear she loves Christmas," reddit user tdgonex said.

Snickers came into her human's life when she was 4 and her human was 9.

"She certainly has the attitude to match. She is only 5.5lbs and she kicks the crap out of our other cats (~13lb ea) if they bother her.

"I call her my perpetual kitten because she's never really been bigger than 6lbs. She's just a little thing."

More info on reddit.

Snickers the 21-year-old cat has a grumpy face and a serious catitude.

They made her a retirement home out of a cardboard box. She moved right in :\.

Snickers looking great at the age of 21.

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