Control Urine Spraying & Help Unhappy Distrustful Cats

Control Urine Spraying & Help Unhappy Distrustful Cats


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Many abandoned cats have a hard time acclimating to their new home. They display frustration and stress through urine spraying, a natural way to mark their territory and show their dominance, or through some undesirable scratching behavior. Those cats are usually distrustful and insecure around humans.

Feliway Comfort Zone Spray or Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-in Diffuser helps calm the cats and assure them that the home they are staying in is secure and the people around them are of no threat. How does the product work? Cats don't spray at the same area that is

marked with their facial pheromones. With that idea in mind, Farnam Companies developed Feliway Comfort Zone to effectively end urine spraying and help unhappy cats to regain their trust in humans.

There is an article which depicts several case studies with this device. You can find the article here:

The idea behind this device is to create a friendly environment that is comfortable to the cat. The smell from the bottle is oderless to humans and harmless to cats.

This product is an excellent device for felines that are going through stress-related behavioral problems.


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