farm cat rescued pouring rain

Woman Helped Farm Kitten in Pouring Rain, He Came Back to Her


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A woman helped a tiny farm kitten who was meowing at her bedroom window in the pouring rain. "He was found all alone that night... I let him in and fed him and cuddled him," danceswithronin told Love Meow.

The kitten came back and waited for her on the porch when she got back from work. "So apparently I have a cat now."

Courtesy of danceswithronin

"He actually is supposed to be a barn cat at a farm down the road from my house, he just kind of decided to stay at my house instead."

Courtesy of danceswithronin

She named him Anders.

Courtesy of danceswithronin

Ever since that night, Anders greets his human every day when she gets home from work. "He always waits for me when I get home from work no matter what time it is."

7 months after he found his human.

Courtesy of danceswithronin

"He's magical and never shuts up about it."

How did your cat find you?

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