Kitten Born with Two Faces Finds Loving Family to Help Him Thrive

Kitten Born with Two Faces Finds Loving Family to Help Him Thrive


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A family woke up to quite a surprise. Their barn cat gave birth to a tiny two-faced kitten.

Biscuits Gravy, two-faced, kitten, palm-sizedKyla and BJ King

Kyla King and her family from Albany, Oregon have been caring for cats who wandered to their barn and made it their home. One of the cats was pregnant. When she was approaching her due date, Kyla set up a crate for the expectant cat mom.

On Wednesday morning, Kyla went to check on the tabby cat and found a litter of new babies. As she examined them one by one, she was stunned by what she discovered — one of the kittens has two little faces.

"He was the last one I saw and from the back, he looked like all the other kittens. The head didn't look especially big until I looked closer and was really startled by the two faces," the King family told Love Meow.

cat, cuddles, two-faced, kittenKyla and BJ King

The family reached out to their veterinarian for advice to help the kitten, whom they named Biscuits and Gravy. Since he had trouble nursing, Kyla began bottle feeding the little one around the clock to ensure that he gets sufficient nutrients for his development.

Baby Biscuits has two mouths, two pairs of eyes, and two ears. "Feeding Biscuits is a bit tricky because he has cleft palates," Kyla added. "I have to drop a little drop in his mouth, one at a time, so he can swallow it."

Biscuits Gravy, two-faced, kittenKyla and BJ King

To help the kitten maximize his food intake, Kyla feeds him in one mouth and then alternates to the other. The kitten has shown a strong will to live. While he is suckling in one mouth, he is meowing through the other.

"I have been trying to feed him, and I am going to do the best I can," Kyla said.

Biscuits, 2-faced, kitten, litter matesKyla and BJ King

Biscuits was born with a congenital condition known as diprosopus. Cats with this rare condition are often referred to as Janus Cats. The longest lived Janus cat is Frankenlouie who had 15 amazing years. Duo, another two-faced miracle cat found her forever home last Thanksgiving, and is almost 11 months old to date.

Watch Biscuits the 2-faced kitten in this video:

Biscuits' cat mom shows little interest to care for the kitten. The King family has given him a faux mama to snuggle with, and Kyla is giving him extra cuddles and TLC to help him thrive.

The miracle kitten is doing well so far. They don't know how long he will live, but are doing their best to make sure he is loved and well taken care of.

Biscuits, 2-faced, kitten, cuddly toyKyla and BJ King

The little tabby is lively and cuddly just like his siblings despite having two faces.

"Biscuits is definitely a gift for us. We are doing everything we can for the little sweetie and he is quite a fighter."

kitten, nap, tabby, biscuitsKyla and BJ King

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