Kitten Found in Backyard, Pulled Through Like a Champ and Turned Out to Be Biggest Cuddle-bug

Kitten Found in Backyard, Pulled Through Like a Champ and Turned Out to Be Biggest Cuddle-bug


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A kitten who was found in a backyard, bounced back and turned out to be the biggest cuddler.

One Cat at a Time

A tiny kitten was found in a backyard without a mother in sight. Her sister was spotted some distance away. They were cold and had been abandoned for hours. One Cat at a Time (Un Chat à la fois), an all-volunteer rescue in Quebec, Canada, learned about their plight and stepped up to help.

"The kittens (Juno and Jupiter) came to us in a shoe box when they were just a few hours old. Juno (the tabby) was very cold, almost not moving. I didn't think she was going to make it but we had to fight to save them," Marie Simard of One Cat at a Time told Love Meow.

Marie placed the kittens in an incubator with lots of blankets and plenty of warmth. After some time, their temperatures finally went back to normal. Juno, the more fragile of the two, weighed only 79 grams, but she hung on with all her might.

Juno the kitten opened her eyes for the first timeOne Cat at a Time

"As soon as I started feeding her, she would hold tight onto the bottle. She tried so hard to put on weight and gain strength," Marie shared with Love Meow.

"At some point, she fell sick and was rushed to the emergency vet. Just when I thought we might lose her, she fought back, accepted meds and just kept eating."

One Cat at a Time

The brave little tabby was determined to thrive. She overcame one hurdle after another, caught up in size with her sister, and grew strong and bold.

At four weeks old, she was daring enough to challenge the big, scary vacuum and would show older cats who the boss was in the house.

One Cat at a Time

Juno quickly found her inner sass and discovered her favorite pastime — cuddling with a warm body.

After being nursed back to health, the tabby and her sister moved into their foster home to continue socialization. It didn't take long for the little cuddle-bug to nestle her way into her foster parents' arms.

One Cat at a Time

"She is so cuddly it's unreal," Meggie, foster mom, told Love Meow. "She snuggles with her sister and Zelda (our resident cat) a lot. She also really likes my boyfriend and always wants to sleep in his arms."

Juno climbed onto Foster Dad's shoulders for some intense snuggles.

One Cat at a Time

Ever since she stepped paw into her foster home, she's been a full-time cuddler, always cozying up to someone in the house. "She purrs all the time and will rub up on you until you pet her."

Juno joined a cuddle puddle with members of her foster family and fell right to sleep.

One Cat at a Time

"She likes to cuddle as close as she can to your face. She will also come lay on me while I work from home," Meggie shared with Love Meow.

The needy kitty enjoys being the center of attention and makes sure that she is never alone. If there's an empty lap in the house, she will be sure to fill it and keep it warm.

One Cat at a Time

Juno has taken quite the liking to Zelda the Sphynx cat and won't let her nap without a buddy. Zelda appreciates the company and the extra warmth.

One Cat at a Time

Juno and her sister Jupiter are now ready to look for a loving family that will cherish them forever.

Jupiter and Juno the kittensOne Cat at a Time

The sweet tabby has blossomed into a serious love-bug.

One Cat at a Time

She continues to cuddle everyone around her and won't take no for an answer.

One Cat at a Time

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