Kitten Who Can't Blink Like Other Cats, Has a Constant Smile and Friend to Rely on

Kitten Who Can't Blink Like Other Cats, Has a Constant Smile and Friend to Rely on


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A kitten who can't blink like other cats and wears a permeant smile, found the perfect family to share her adventures with.


Tulip the tuxedo was found as a stray with infected eyes when she was about two weeks old. She was in poor shape when she was taken in by a local rescue in Ontario, Canada. After a few weeks of recovery, Tulip was finally ready to look for a forever home.

"We had been searching for a kitten to keep our other cat, Pinecone, company while we were at work during the day. When we saw her, we knew we had to meet her," Jenn and Chris shared with Love Meow.

"The rescue said she was pretty skittish around people and didn't like to be held. However, when we held her for the first time, she sank in and was nothing but purrs. We knew she would need to come home with us."


They learned about Tulip's eye condition, in which she is not able to blink like other cats. "She has eyelids but she cannot close them. She is only able to blink using her third eyelid (nictitating membrane)."

To keep her eyes from getting too dry, Tulip gets eye drops and cleanings twice daily to ensure they stay clean, hydrated and free of infection.


When Tulip was introduced to their cat Pinecone, the two had an instant connection. Pinecone quickly took on the role as her protective big brother, keeping her groomed and watching over her every step of the way.

"Tulip is very attached to Pinecone, who is seven years her senior. They cuddle and play all of the time, and miss each other when one has to go to the vet."


A while after Tulip was adopted, she fell ill due to some complications from a previous procedure. It was Pinecone who alerted Jenn in the middle of the night, and Tulip was taken to the emergency vet just in time.

When Tulip fully healed three weeks later, she jumped right back to creating daily antics with Pinecone and following him everywhere around the house.


"She has had her fair share of health issues since she came to us, but fortunately, we have a fantastic vet who has always given her the best care possible."

Tulip has a non-stop smile on her face and it lights up the room for everyone around her.


Watch Tulip's journey in this cute video:

Kitten who can't blink like other cats, has a permanent

"She's very much an independent girl, but is very cuddly when she chooses to be. She will usually sit on her own and watch the fish tank," Jenn told Love Meow.

"She also sits watching out the back door to see what is happening and is absolutely mesmerized by snow and rain."


"When she's sleepy she'll take a nap on the fish tank or on one of her chairs that she's claimed," Jenn added.

"She loves to play with Pinecone and chase bouncy balls. She has also become fond of playing fetch with her boinks (toys)."


The former street kitten has blossomed into a gorgeous tuxedo girl. She's turning one year in two months, growing in charm and feline wisdom every day.

Then and now!


"In the middle of the night she will either hop in bed and cuddle with us or Pinecone."

To Tulip, everyday is a happy day, worth smiling about.


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