Sweet Kitten Blossoms into Beautiful Siamese Cat After Being Brought Back from the Brink

Sweet Kitten Blossoms into Beautiful Siamese Cat After Being Brought Back from the Brink


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A kitten who was found in poor shape, transformed into a beautiful cat with the help of a loving family.

yeti, siamese kittenLaura @fosterkittyfamily

Laura Malone, director of Mini Cat Town (a cat rescue in San Jose, California), took in a tiny kitten who was in need of foster care. The little guy named Yeti came to Mini Cat Town as a tiny singleton covered in fleas and dirt.

Despite being so frail, little Yeti managed to eat some food with all his might. It was clear from the start that the kitten was a fighter and had a strong will to live.

He was underweight and had a lot of recuperating to do. They didn't know what might have happened to his mom or siblings, but the kitten survived against all odds and continued to fight to live.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Laura got him all cleaned up and started treating him for some stomach issues. The kitten had trouble eating, so he was fed with a syringe every couple of hours.

"I was carefully feeding him by dripping formula onto his tongue and waiting for him to swallow bit by bit," Laura shared.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

With proper care, good food, a warm bed, and a snuggle toy to keep him company, the kitten started to perk up.

Yeti finally figured out how to latch onto a bottle. It was a game changer for the little guy who went from eating with assistance to gobbling down food like there was no tomorrow.

"He found his latch. My first reaction was: wait! Slow down!"

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

After having several hearty meals, Yeti felt like a new kitten. He was strong enough to stand up on his feet and even start kneading away on his soft blanket.

With consistent good eats, the little guy was putting on weight, making incredible strides and getting more active each day.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

"At feeding time, I used to have to wake him, and he'd give me a very weak little mew. Now, he waits for me right at the door, and demands food," Laura wrote.

With his voracious appetite, he quickly grew in size and fluff.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

"He is no longer content to eat, potty, and go back into the incubator. Now, he demands a few exploratory laps around the floor."

Yeti seemed to always know when it was time to feed, as he patiently stared at his human and waited for his food to be served.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

After getting a full belly, he would play and practice his commando crawls and hone his newly acquired feline skills.

"Yeti is very sweet. He's thriving and he's full of curiosity and affection," Laura wrote. "It's unbelievable how sturdy this guy is! He eats like a champ and loves to toddle around on his little legs."

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

As the kitten continued to grow and develop, his Siamese markings became more noticeable on his paws and nose, and his personality fully emerged.

It took him a little longer to wean due to being a bottle kitten, but late bloomers do just fine.

yeti, kitten, siamese, catLaura @fosterkittyfamily

Since he was little, Yeti has always been accompanied by a snuggle buddy (Puppy) every time he naps. It's his trusty friend that he cuddles with all the time.

They knew when the time came for adoption, Yeti and his Puppy would always stick together.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

After a tough start in life and a few bumps (health challenges) on his road to recovery, Yeti the kitty was healthy and big enough to embark on a new chapter in life.

A family member of a Mini Cat Town volunteer fell head over heels for the little guy.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

When he was ready to spread his wings and fly, he went to his forever home along with his Puppy. The sweet kitten quickly settled into his new abode, and took a long nap with his bestie.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

The little warrior kitty is all grown up now. He's blossomed into a gorgeous Siamese cat.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

Yeti (now Prince Labeija) rules the roost at his forever home and captivates every heart he comes across.

Laura @fosterkittyfamily

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