Kitten Found Inside a Wall is So Thankful to Be Rescued - She Won't Stop Purring

Kitten Found Inside a Wall is So Thankful to Be Rescued - She Won't Stop Purring


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A woman crawled up in an attic to save a tiny kitten who had fallen into a wall, crying for help.

Kelsey McKnight

Last Thursday, Kelsey McKnight of Shuswap Paws Rescue was contacted about a kitten trapped inside a wall at a dairy farm.

"There was a hole down into the wall. It's insulated with straw so nothing was blocking the hole in between the joists as the straw has been moved around and bedded down in by the cats and mice," Kelsey told Love Meow.

Knowing the kitten had been crying for two days, she couldn't leave her there any longer and rushed to help. "I had to crawl up in the attic and I listened for her crying. I found the hole to where she was."

Kelsey McKnight

She couldn't reach the kitten with her arm and was not able to get into the hole as it was about 8-10 feet down. She began to look around the attic, searching for something to aid her in the rescue.

"I saw some old baling twine and tied a slip knot with a loop around at the end and put it down the hole," she said. "I had to kind of fish her out and wait until she had a leg and her head through the loop, then I lifted her out."

Kelsey McKnight

When the kitten was brought to safety, she was friendly and immediately started seeking comfort. "The minute I got her out and safe in my arms, she started licking me and purring. She was seriously the most thankful little kitty I've ever saved," Kelsey told Love Meow.

Kelsey brought the kitten to her car and opened a can of food. The tabby was so hungry that she scarfed down as much food as her tiny body could pack in. After getting a full belly, she was purring and snuggling in her rescuer's arms for some much-needed TLC.

Kelsey McKnight

"I would talk to her, and she would sit down on my lap and just stare up at me as if we were having a conversation," Kelsey added.

"I believe she was thankful to be rescued, never did she hiss or scratch. She accepted her fate of being rescued and loved every second of attention I gave her."

Kelsey McKnight

Kelsey brought the kitty to her new foster home with Christine who has a few other foster kittens in her care.

Watch the sweet kitten in this video:

Kitten rescued from a

The little tabby is doing well in her foster home, constantly purring.

She already met another foster kitten, and they shared cuddle time together.


Christine's pug also came to give the kitten a warm welcome and some snuggles.

From crying in the attic wall to cuddling in her foster home, the tabby girl is loving every second with her foster family.


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