Woman Rescues Kitten Sitting on Sidewalk When Others Just Pass Her By - the Kitty Can't Stop Purring

Woman Rescues Kitten Sitting on Sidewalk When Others Just Pass Her By - the Kitty Can't Stop Purring


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A kitten was found sitting on a sidewalk. No one stopped for her until a woman saw her and refused to leave her behind.

Carmen Weinberg

Carmen Weinberg, founder of Animal Friends Project, was at a mobile home park in Lake Worth, Florida last week when she spotted a tiny ball of fur on the sidewalk. As she approached it, it became clear to her that it was a kitten who was all by herself without a mother in sight.

The kitten was sitting in front of the office frequented by the residents there. "Dozens of people drive by or walk by that place," Carmen shared with Love Meow. "They saw the kitten and chose to walk away.

"I knew she wanted to be seen. She wanted help."

Carmen Weinberg

The scrawny little tabby was in rough shape and needed immediate medical attention. She ran under a car nearby but didn't go far. Carmen set a humane trap with food inside right by the vehicle.

As soon as the kitten smelled the food, she emerged from under the car and just walked right in to the trap. Even though the door shut behind her, it didn't bother her a bit because she was so glad to have found something to eat.

Carmen Weinberg

"Once I took her out of the trap to examine her, she completely relaxed, like she was relieved she was finally safe," Carmen told Love Meow.

"She can't get enough of pets. She was starved of love and attention."

Carmen Weinberg

The kitten was infested with fleas and lice, had parasites and appeared to be anemic. Carmen gave her a much-needed bath and began treating and supplementing her to help her get back on her paws.

The tabby girl was so grateful to have someone to care for her. She cuddled right up to Carmen.

"She purred the whole time while I was drying her after her bath."

Carmen Weinberg

They named her Estrella and she was finally on the mend, recovering in a comfortable home.

Watch the kitten's rescue journey in this video:

Stray kitten rescued from streets - she can't stop purringyoutu.be

"She wants love and she is getting plenty of that."

Carmen Weinberg

Her purr motor is constantly rumbling whenever she is with her caregiver.

She immediately curls up into a ball and purrs when she is petted.

Carmen Weinberg

Her eyes are all cleared up and she's free of fleas and lice. She's working on gaining some healthy weight and making up for lost love.

"I'm giving her kitten formula mixed with vitamins and she loves that," Carmen told Love Meow.

Carmen Weinberg

"No more neglect for this girl. Estrella is shining brightly," Carmen said.

Carmen Weinberg

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