Two Kittens Find Each Other in a Special Way and Form a Wonderful Bond

Two Kittens Find Each Other in a Special Way and Form a Wonderful Bond


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Two kittens that came from different paths, found each other in an adorable way and formed an unbreakable bond.

kitten cleft lip, blind kittenTwo best friendsAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

Two months ago, Ashley Kelley, a volunteer of Wrenn Rescues in Southern California, took in a kitten found inside a car engine bay. He was born with a cleft and showed a strong will to live from the start.

Ashley tube-fed the little tuxedo around the clock while she provided supportive care. The kitten named Odahviing bounced back from a mild upper respiratory infection and began to thrive. It was clear from the start that he needed a constant companion.

A few weeks later, Ashley was contacted about a wobbly kitten who was about the same age as Odahviing, and desperately needed foster care.

cleft lip kittenOdahviing the kittenAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

"This little guy (named Attis) has cerebellar hypoplasia (CH)," Ashley shared with Love Meow. "Cerebellar hypoplasia can have different causes, but it most commonly occurs when a pregnant cat is exposed to feline panleukopenia virus and passes the infection to her unborn kittens."

The new kitten was so thrilled to be in a home environment that he turned into an instant cuddle-bug.

blind kittenAttis the kittenAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

"He is very capable of living a happy long life. CH is not painful or contagious, and these cats adapt to their wobbliness with ease. He is genuinely one of the happiest kittens I've ever met — mellow and snuggly and always purring."

Ashley planned to pair up the two singletons and hoped they would accept each other.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

Before they were ready to meet, Odahviing was so eager for a wrestling match with his new buddy that he had been squaring up through the panels, wanting to play.

Once they were officially introduced, they just hit it off, roughhousing with each other and then snuggling it off.

Ashley @bruceandfoxfosters

"I think it's pretty safe to say these boys are going to be an inseparable duo," Ashley wrote.

Watch the two kittens in this cute video:

Two kitten best

Over the next few days, the two brothers from different mothers continued to bond. Around that time, Ashley noticed some cloudiness in Attis' eyes.

snuggly sleepy kittensBest of friendsAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

The vet said that Attis appears to be blind in both eyes. But he doesn't let anything slow him down, and is able to do any kitten thing by using his other senses.

"He can't see very well, and he's wobbly, but he tracks everything impressively well by hearing and feeling vibrations using his whiskers! He pounces and runs and jumps with all the accuracy of any 8-week-old kitten," Ashley shared with Love Meow.

cuddly friends, grooming kittensThey are inseparableAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

The two best friends are thriving in foster care, and their friendship has gotten stronger than ever. Odahviing encourages his buddy to get up and play, and keeps him company at all times.

With his help, Attis' motor skills have gradually improved. "His wobbles have steadily been decreasing to a very manageable point. He could barely walk when he got here. Watching him grow and develop has been amazing."

cleft lip kitten, whiskersAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

The kittens are like two peas in a pod, and they just get each other.

"Attis is higher energy but Odahviing doesn't mind. He'll wrestle as long as Attis wants to, and then take all his naps, and give Attis all the baths."

lap catsThey have blossomed into the happiest catsAshley @bruceandfoxfosters

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