Man Brings Life Back to Ginger Cat Found Freezing in the Cold


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A man found a ginger kitten freezing in the cold. He took her into his house and brought her back to life!


They found a ginger kitten lying lifelessly on their porch.

"The temperature was below freezing for weeks and had wind chills below 0 degrees F. Elsa was frozen to the point that only a paw was moving the slightest bit. I wasn't sure if there was any hopeā€¦" YouTuber Familytime said.

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After a warm bath, they began to see hope, and Elsa started meowing! "As Elsa began warming up, I could see the life coming back."


After 6 hours, Elsa was already coming around!


Snuggling with her rescuer!


She started eating and was loving the food.


She even used the litter box they made for her.


Watch the full story in this video:

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