The Best Cat Litter

The Best Cat Litter


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Paw nation had a study on the most popular litter products out there in the market. With the expertise from several

renowned animal experts as well as cat owners, they have found the best products for clay, silica, corn, pine, wheat, soy, aspen and tea leaf litters.

Clay: Scoop Away

Silica: Tidy Cats Crystals

Corn: World's Best Cat Litter

Pine: Feline Pine

Wheat: Swheat Scoop

Soy: Close to Natrurenow

Aspen: Gentle Touch

Tea Leaves: Green Tea Leaves Clumping Cat Litter

Personally, I would not use Clay and Silica for my cats because I don't think they are the safest choice for our feline friends. I prefer products that are natural, non-toxic, no chemicals, and biodegradable.

To learn about their pros and cons, click here to read their report.



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