Wobbly Kitten Walks Around with Joy After Leaving Animal Shelter, Within Days She Turns into Little Dynamo

Wobbly Kitten Walks Around with Joy After Leaving Animal Shelter, Within Days She Turns into Little Dynamo


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A wobbly kitten walked around with joy after leaving an animal shelter. Within days, she turned into a little dynamo.

sweet kitten pawsAlice the kittenInstagram/thekittensfoster

A wobbly dilute calico was brought to an animal shelter and desperately needed placement. Volunteers contacted local rescues, trying to get her into a foster home.

Jamie from Baby Kitten Rescue received a message and immediately offered to take her. With the help of a transport volunteer, they got the kitten from the shelter in the nick of time.

"I named her Alice after Alice in Wonderland. (The story) emphasizes the importance of accepting and being our true selves and defying the odds. Baby Alice is just that. She doesn't know she's different and lives life to her fullest," Jamie shared.

snuggly kittenInstagram/thekittensfoster

Alice has cerebellar hypoplasia, which occurs when the mother cat is sick with panleukopenia or severely malnourished when pregnant.

"When this happens, the kitten in utero do not develop properly, specifically their brain. One or more kittens (sometimes all) can be affected."

sweet playful happy kittenAlice is wobbly and loves to playInstagram/thekittensfoster

Alice tumbles when she walks, but she always gets back up and keeps going. She may lack balance and coordination, but she is determined to eat, play, and use her litter box independently.

Within days of arrival, she started to run around and play. "We celebrate her zest for life and her adaptability and resilience. Alice is the definition of tiny but mighty."

kitten running playingInstagram/thekittensfoster

Alice takes big bites when she eats. She wrestles with toys with unbridled energy and tears around the place, bouncing off the walls. She sprints to her foster mom for attention and naps on her lap to recharge.

"She is proving to be not only healthy but an easy-to-care-for kitty. She gets around well, uses the potty on her own, and can eat on her own (although I do assist with holding her upright)."

kitten jazz hands playfulInstagram/thekittensfoster

When Alice met the resident cat, Jack, she followed him everywhere, pouncing on his tail and trying to get him to play fight. "Alice is obsessed with Jack. He's tolerant."

"As Alice builds more strength and gets bigger, her coordination can improve by adapting to her circumstances."

playful kitten tabby catAlice and JackInstagram/thekittensfoster

Jamie does walking exercises with Alice daily and encourages her to use her hind legs more with toys. Besides being wobbly, Alice is just like any other kitten and is always happy.

"Her head often tremors when she focuses intently on something, so when she is able to slow blink at me, my heart explodes."

playful standing kitten catInstagram/thekittensfoster

Alice has a ravenous appetite for nourishment after a whirlwind of activity. She is an "energizer bunny" and can entertain herself for hours on end.

She purrs upon touch and adores other cats.

kitten in litter boxShe can use the litter box on her ownInstagram/thekittensfoster

She flips and somersaults in front of Jack without the need for catnip. She is boisterous, romping around the house like a little dynamo.

Alice is excited to be around her big foster brother, scampering around him in an endearing way.

kitten cat playful friendsAlice turns into a little dynamo when she playsInstagram/thekittensfoster

Alice continues to perfect her wobbly gait by getting her steps in. She is becoming stronger and walking better each day.

She is kicking off the New Year with her foster family and feline companion, bringing laughter and cheer to everyone around her.

dilute calico kittenInstagram/thekittensfoster

"Alice is the right amount of sassy and sweet. I have no doubt that she will live a happy and normal life."

sleeping dilute calico kittenHappy and lovedInstagram/thekittensfoster

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