Yoda the Kitten Found at Doorstep but Not Ready to Give up!


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Yoda was just a tiny baby when he was found abandoned at someone's doorstep all by himself. The little ball of fur wasn't ready to give up. They took him to Cats Exclusive, a rescue group in Margate, Florida.


Little Yoda was given food through a syringe because he couldn't use a bottle. They fed him around the clock and the little guy started to put on weight and became stronger every day.

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Yoda graduated to a 5ml syringe, eating 2-3 times a day, weighing in 7.5oz. Look at that belly.


Getting up in the morning! Those ears are just too much :).


He found a fuzzy sock and decided to curl up in there for a nap.


Yoda slowly falling asleep in the sock...


This is him all grown up now!


WATCH VIDEO: Yoda's first belly tickles!

WATCH VIDEO: Yoda making friends!

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