Young Woman Takes a Chance on a Calico, Cat Repays Her with Love She Never Expected


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A young woman wanted a furry friend and decided to take a chance on a cat, but she never expected the amount of love she would get from a tiny calico.

Meet Lillian!


This young woman brought home a little kitten, hoping the calico would give her the companionship she needed. "I was feeling lonely, but she's perfect," reddit user st0ne-love said.

As a first time cat human mom, she thought she was just getting a pet, but the little calico seemed to know exactly what she needed and offered more.

Lillian started cuddling with her human on day one.


She looks into her eyes as if she's saying to her human, "You've got me now."


Whenever she's home, Lillian snuggles up on her shoulder, purring into her ear.

It's her favorite place to nap.


The affectionate little kitty keeps her human mom company and shows her all the cuteness in the world.


There's no need for cat beds.

Lillian loves to nap in her human's arms. She clings to her like glue.


She didn't think she was a cat person before, but that quickly changed after Lillian came into her life.


Lillian knows how to bring a smile to her human's face every time.

"Belly rubs please!"


"I don't think I could have picked a better first cat," she said.

Lillian a little angel in disguise.


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