Beloved Black Furry Baby

Beloved Black Furry Baby


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Silvy S. always wanted to have a black kitty. When Marcy found her, she immediately fell in love.

"Till couple of months ago he was really wild but now he is more calm. Marcy is a very good cat. He knows his name, always turns around when I call him. He is brilliant. He loves to sink his teeth and nails into my feet and arms when we play but I love it, even though I have lots of scars."

Marcy has an obsession for sponges. He likes to steal one from the sink and takes it under the bed where he tears it up into pieces. He also loves to sleep on the washing machine when it is on and nap in any slippers he can find.

Marcy loves to eat liver and all kind of chicken and pork. His favorite toy is one yellow ball and one plush strawberry.

"I really love him a lot. And everybody around us loves him. When I brought him home to my parents they started playing with him right away and thinking what special food to prepare for him."

Story and photos courtesy of ©Silvy Shtinkova and ©Filip Sotirov

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