Blind Cat and His Seeing-eye Brother


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A rescue cat found at the airport lost his eyes, but found a seeing-eye cat companion who became his best friend for life.


Meet Pinocchio. He was spotted at the airport in 2012 and brought to the shelter. He lost his eyes due to infections, but little Pinocchio was happy and wouldn't let anything stop him.


When he was placed in a foster home, he met Jiminy Cricket, a rescue kitten, who bonded with him right away. "Pinocchio is one lucky cat. He was rescued and met his seeing-eye brother, Jiminy Cricket at their foster home."


Jiminy brought out the playful side of Pinocchio and the two became inseparable. Soon the fosterer knew that the two brothers had to stay together.


With his seeing-eye friend, you can hardly tell that Pinocchio is completely blind in the video below. He uses his hearing and his whiskers to help him navigate besides having his partner in crime guide him along the way.

He can play with all kinds of toys and even goes on walks with his humans. "He especially loves Nene feathers found out on walks and brought home to him."


Then, they were adopted together!


"Now they are adopted and are so very loved."

 Little Jiminy and Pinocchio cuddling in their forever loving home.


They always have each other and they complete each other.


Watch the full story in this video:

Blind kitties make wonderful companions. Share this beautiful friendship and story!

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