Blind Cat Spotted Stumbling in Snow Weeks Ago is Now Living the Good Life of Comfort and Warmth

Blind Cat Spotted Stumbling in Snow Weeks Ago is Now Living the Good Life of Comfort and Warmth


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A blind cat found stumbling in the snow weeks ago is now living the good life of comfort and warmth.

sweet cat orangeOskarChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Last month, an orange and white cat was spotted outside in the snow, stumbling with a weak leg and desperately needing help.

When a neighbor shared a rescue request on social media, volunteers from the community sprang into action. They went to find the cat but realized he had moved from the location.

As it turned out, a 12-year-old resident named David had come to the rescue.

cat stray snowHe was spotted outside in the snowChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

David saw the cat slogging through the snow and having difficulty moving his hindquarters. He couldn't leave the tabby there and took it upon himself to save him.

"(David) picked him up and took him home to his parents. The cat was exhausted, couldn't run and moved slowly in his condition," Celine of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

cat rescued legLa Voix des Chats/L'Antre Chat

While his parents secured the cat indoors, David lovingly named him Oskar.

Having also searched for the cat, Veronique and Guylaine, volunteers of La Voix des Chats/L'Antre Chat, immediately offered to help. As they tended to Oskar, they noticed his weak back limbs, one of which kept bending in the wrong direction.

cat warm blanketLa Voix des Chats/L'Antre Chat

They also discovered that Oskar was blind and had wandered in the neighborhood without sight.

Oskar was sweet and gentle and seemed grateful to be inside. He lay down on a warm blanket after getting some fluids and food and slept soundly in a cozy bed that night.

cat tired deskLa Voix des Chats/L'Antre Chat

Hoping to get Oskar the medical care he needed, they contacted Chatons Orphelins Montreal for assistance.

"When he came to us, he was not doing well. He had a high fever, was dehydrated, and weighed only 2.5 kg (5.5 lb). He was fighting a serious infection," Celine shared.

cat transport carrierChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Oskar stayed at the hospital for round-the-clock care to get his fever under control. With the help of a dedicated veterinary team, he regained strength and was finally on the mend.

"After five days, his temperature returned to normal." He was off to his foster home to continue his recovery.

cat blind tabbyOskar is also blindChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Oskar quickly settled into his new space and started purring the second he was touched. "He is a little gentleman and has a lot to say, especially when he waits for his food."

"He is blind due to retinal atrophy, but he is doing well. He moves by sound and navigates the house so well that you wouldn't know he's blind. One of his hind legs is possibly missing a ligament, which causes his ankle to twist."

cute cat tabby snugglyHe loves soft and warm blanketsChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

With his voracious appetite, Oskar has put on over a pound and gained plenty of energy. With more strength in his legs, he walks more confidently and takes steadier and stronger strides.

He enjoys chatting with his people and hearing them talk to him softly. He moves around with curiosity and is getting more active each day.

talkative catHe has put on weight and gained energy. His legs are stronger, and he can move around much easierChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Oskar has come a long way since he was rescued about a month ago.

With the help of the community, he has escaped the cold and the streets and gained a bright future with a promise of a lifetime of comfort and love.

talkative catOskar has a lot to sayChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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