Cat Lived on the Street Her Whole Life, Scooped Up by Kind-hearted Man Who Discovers She is Blind

Cat Lived on the Street Her Whole Life, Scooped Up by Kind-hearted Man Who Discovers She is Blind


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A cat had lived on the street her whole life until she was scooped up by a kind-hearted man who discovered she was blind.

calico cat blindBelladonna the catLittle Wanderers NYC

Juan, an animal carer based in the Bronx, New York, looks after neighborhood stray and feral cats. He makes sure they are healthy and fed, and diligently tries to get them spayed and neutered with the help of local rescues.

Belladonna, a calico, joined the cat colony and became a regular patron to the daily feedings. No one knew she was blind at first as she managed to navigate the alleyways using her other senses.

Juan eventually discovered that she had no sight, and sought help from Little Wanderers NYC, hoping to get the sweet feline off the street. Around that time, he also noticed that she was rapidly losing weight.

stray cat kind manJuan brought Belladonna the blind cat to safetyLittle Wanderers NYC

"Our rescuer scooped her up immediately. Although she was struggling with pretty severe anemia, she was otherwise adjusting well to her new indoor life," Little Wanderers NYC shared.

A few weeks later, things took a turn for the worse. Belladonna wouldn't have made it much longer living as a vagrant. "She got weak, started falling over, lost her appetite and slept constantly. We received the dreaded diagnosis: FIP (feline Infectious Peritonitis)," the rescue wrote.

calico cat at vetLittle Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC was determined to do everything within their power to give Belladonna the best life possible. With the help of the FIP warrior community, they were able to find effective treatments for the calico.

The next day, her rescuer, Suzy, drove all the way to obtain the emergency medication, so she could get Belladonna started immediately.

cuddly blind catLittle Wanderers NYC

"Within two days she was walking better, eating more, and showed a little bit more life in her gorgeous blind eyes."

Belladonna regained balance and started walking, grooming herself and putting on weight. As she became stronger and healthier, her affection multiplied.

Watch Belladonna the cat and her journey in this video:

Blind cat

Just a few days prior, Suzy was sitting on the floor with Belladonna at the emergency vet, physically holding up her muscle-wasted little body, trying to get food into her. Now, the calico was exploring her surroundings, seeking pets and snuggles, and eating like a champ.

Belladonna is estimated to be 10 years old. She is missing a few teeth but that doesn't slow her down on eating. "Her legs are more stable, and she looks like a normal cat again."

snuggly blind calico catLittle Wanderers NYC

The sweet calico is eager for attention, and will walk right up to her human whenever they call to her. She enjoys getting head scritches and lazing in the sun beams. "I guided her into the setting sun just to see that teddy-bear face in all its glory," Suzy wrote.

"Belladonna responds to my voice, and follows the sound of me clapping or snapping. It's endlessly fascinating watching a smart, resourceful blind cat navigate her new indoor life."

snuggly catLittle Wanderers NYC

"It never ceases to amaze me how steadily she navigates her space. She never bumps into anything nor trips."

While Belladonna is recuperating in foster care, Juan and volunteers of Little Wanderers NYC continue to rescue other kitties in need--it takes a village to save a cat.

catnip catShe likes to stick her whole face into the catnip tinLittle Wanderers NYC

"She looks and seems like a whole different cat. She has become so affectionate now that she's feeling better. She loves belly tickles and rubs her own head when I'm doing it."

cat paw sweetHappy blind catLittle Wanderers NYC

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