Cat Shows Up for Help After Years Braving the Streets, Now He's a Big Character with So Much to Give

Cat Shows Up for Help After Years Braving the Streets, Now He's a Big Character with So Much to Give


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A cat showed up for help after years braving the streets. Now, he's a big character with so much to give.

fluffy orange tabby cat tunnelLeon the cat@comrescuemontreal

An orange tabby showed up in a cat colony one day scrounging around for food. Sia, a carer for the local strays, started feeding the newcomer while keeping an eye out for him.

He returned one day visibly unwell with an infected eye. His health quickly deteriorated to the point where he could no longer open his eye.

The cat was in desperate need of medical attention, so Sia took it upon herself to rescue him.

rescue stray catHe was rescued with an infected eye@comrescuemontreal

She was able to bring the cat (whom she named Leon) to safety using a humane trap. Melanie, a local animal rescuer, learned about his plight and offered to help.

Leon was then taken to the vet to be examined. He was calm the entire time as if he understood that they were helping him.

rescue cat eye@comrescuemontreal

He tested positive for FIV, and was treated for an eye ulcer and stomach issues. They also discovered that he had entropion, an abnormality of the eye in which the eyelid turns inwards.

The condition can cause irritation to the cornea, which can lead to infections. With the support of the community, Leon underwent surgery for both of his eyes.

cat with entropionLeon had entropion and underwent surgery for both eyes@comrescuemontreal

Chatons Orphelins Montreal took Leon into their rescue and provided continued medical care and a foster home, where he could heal and socialize.

"When he first arrived, we saw a little lion in him. Despite being FIV positive, his recovery was good, and he gained an adorable new look," the rescue shared.

fluffy orange tabby leon@comrescuemontreal

After braving the streets and living with discomfort most his life, Leon could finally relax, and his larger-than-life personality emerged.

Leon's foster parents, Morgane and Alvin, took notice of his eagerness to learn new things. "He is very smart and curious about everything. He likes to be the king of the house and follows his humans everywhere."

fluffy orange cat tunnelHe is very smart and inquisitive@comrescuemontreal

Leon was food-motivated and started picking up new tricks with treats. He learned to fetch toys and could roll over, paw, spin, and lie down on demand.

For a cat who had spent nearly his whole life outside, Leon never ceased to amaze his people with what he could do.

fluffy orange cat tunnel@comrescuemontreal

When his foster parents brought him a dinner bell, he went to town with it.

In no time, Leon figured out that by ringing the bell, his human would bring him a treat. He soon became an expert bell ringer.

orange cat rings bellLeon quickly figured out how to use the bell@comrescuemontreal

"He loves when we throw a ball, and brings it back to us. He jumps and runs like a little baby sheep. He is just a kitten at heart."

From roaming the streets to recovering from surgery to blossoming into a youthful spirit, Leon was finally ready to find his dream home, and he did.

orange tabby cat leon@comrescuemontreal

"He arrived with his big character and playful spirit. Leon is affectionate and clingy, and has a lot of love to give," his forever family shared.

Leon still has a ravenous appetite. He is in excellent health, and his mind is forever young.

orange cat dining table@comrescuemontreal

"His FIV doesn't affect him in any way. He still impresses us with his ability to learn new tricks. As soon as he hears us open the cupboard in the kitchen, he comes running in his heavy footsteps that resonate throughout the apartment."

happy orange tabby cat leon@comrescuemontreal

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