Woman Gives a Timid Kitten a Home, He Transforms into the Happiest Snuggliest Cat

Woman Gives a Timid Kitten a Home, He Transforms into the Happiest Snuggliest Cat


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A woman gave a timid kitten a home and he transformed into the happiest, snuggliest cat.

beckoning orange catJimmy the catGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Gabriella who had grown up with cats, was left with a void when her beloved feline friends passed away. She began following many small rescue groups in her area to help her heal.

One day, as she was scrolling through a rescue's page, she came across a post about three 10-week-old kittens who had been born outside. The trio hadn't had any human contact and were completely terrified. They wouldn't let anyone approach them and were ready to fend for themselves tooth and claw.

The feline brothers were soaked and cold when rescuers managed to get them to safety.

rescued kittensJimmy was found outside with his two brothersAbby and Layla's Angels Cat Rescue

When the kittens arrived at Abby and Layla's Angels Cat Rescue, they immediately took refuge and wedged themselves between a litter box and a crate, flinching at the sight of every person.

Among them, there was Jimmy, the orange and white kitten, who hid on top of the litter box with terror in his eyes. "The rescue group wondered if the kittens would ever be 'adoptable'," Gabriella told Love Meow.

fluffy orange kittenHe was very timid but slowly learned to trustGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Volunteers began socializing the kittens and made it their mission to help these little guys learn to trust. After staying grumpy for a while, the trio started to warm up to the idea of a comfortable indoor life.

Soon, they realized that their people meant good and that they supplied an abundance of food. The tension in their eyes eased up as they began to accept pets and affection.

cuddly fluffy kittenGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

"I continued to follow their little journey of learning to trust people, and as soon as I saw Jimmy, I knew he was meant to be with me. He reminded me so much of my since passed away cat named Jack," Gabriella shared with Love Meow.

Gabriella reached out to the rescue group and applied to adopt the shy orange kitten. Despite being very scared at first, Jimmy mustered all his courage and connected with his human friend.

fluffy orange white kittenGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

"I would sit in the room with him as he hid under the chair, and I would sing and talk to him. Slowly, he started to come out and sit on my lap."

Jimmy felt right at home with the human of his dreams. His brothers subsequently found their loving families. After a few days of adjusting to his new abode, Jimmy's personality came out in full swing.

orange cat big personalityGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Jimmy emerged from his protective "cocoon" and blossomed into a beautiful "butterfly" with a penchant for cuddles.

The orange cat with big doe eyes has since grown a glorious fur coat, a magnificent fluffy tail, and a larger-than-life personality.

cat big eyes cheeksGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Jimmy has learned that by lying on his back, it commands attention and guarantees belly rubs. He enjoys following his mom around the house and supervising her every movement.

belly rubs catGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Chin scritches put him on cloud nine, and he insists on joining his people on the couch and at the dinner table. He has mastered the art of crab-walking and hopping on his hind legs.

"He's a mogwai in the sunshine and a gremlin in the moonlight."

dinner table with cat jimmyGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

If Jimmy wants a hug, he will happily climb on Gabriella's lap and cuddle up a storm.

"Now he's the biggest mama's boy I could ever hope for. Jimmy is very impish. He likes to hide in his tent and pop out to scare everyone," Gabriella told Love Meow.

cuddly catHe's turned into a cuddle-bugGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

He bounces around like a floating cloud, carries toys to his mom, and wrestles with random fluffy things. The formerly timid kitten has transformed into a confident, affectionate, mischievous cat with so much to give.

cat big eyes cheeksGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

Gabriella wakes up every morning to Jimmy's rumbling purrs and hugs, and goes to bed at night with his cuddle buddy right by her side. Jimmy has brought so much joy into her life and filled the void in her heart that she couldn't fill.

fluffy orange catGabriella @jimmyssunshinereport

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