blue cat obsessed with tissue box lying on top

This Cat Requires a Tissue Box Every Time He Sits (10+ Pics)


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Cats love boxes. That's a given, but when it comes to tissue boxes, there's none quite like this little feline.

Suzumaro, a blue cat from Japan, would not rest on any surface without having a tissue box to crush on. When he lies down on the table, supervising his humans' daily activities, he must have a tissue box to rest his front quarters with his paws neatly tucked in.

Photo: @kokesukepapa

His humans from @kokesukepapa are aware of his dominion over tissue boxes. To this peculiar kitty, nothing is more comfortable than a box filled with kleenex.

When the humans bring out a fresh tissue box, Suzumaro saunters over at the slightest sound of it being opened.

Then he proceeds to lie on top of it. If you politely ask the cat to lend you the tissues, the answer is always "no."

Sometimes, he uses the tissue box as a pillow.

It's unclear as why Suzumaro has such an obsession with lying on tissue boxes, but one thing is certain - if the humans need to blow their nose, they will have to seek a less soft alternative - toilet paper.

They have several cats in the house, but only Suzumaro lies on the tissues boxes.

The tissue box makes him a very happy kitty.

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