Cat Dad and His Only Son Found on the Street, Look Out for Each Other Until Kind People Come to Help Them

Cat Dad and His Only Son Found on the Street, Look Out for Each Other Until Kind People Come to Help Them


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A cat dad and his only son were found on the street. They looked out for each other until kind people came to help them.

cat dad son kittenMarcos the dad and Morgan the sonMorgan

Last month, Little Wanderers NYC received a rescue request for a father cat and his kitten living in the trash area of a neighborhood.

About a week earlier, a cat tree was reportedly discarded in the location, and then a friendly orange and white cat appeared with a kitten in tow. No one came to claim them, so a concerned member of the community sought help for them.

Residents from the neighborhood who volunteer for Little Wanderers NYC leaped into action.

cat dad kitten son streetThey were found outside in a neighborhood, and no one came to claim themLittleWanderersNYC

They located the father and son duo and secured them with ease. The cat dad was instantly affectionate with his rescuers, asking for attention and pets. After feeding on food scraps from the trash, they were thrilled to have real food and clean water.

The father and son left the street that day and embraced a hopeful new beginning.

orange fluffy kitten strayLittleWanderersNYC

While the cat was treated for stomach troubles, the kitten received help to remove all the pesky fleas. With proper medical care and a cushy home, they were finally on the mend.

"Marcos (the dad) was the absolute sweetest thing. He was so calm and trusting immediately, which is rare," Morgan, foster carer, shared with Love Meow.

cat dad kitten son rescuedLittleWanderersNYC

His baby son, also named Morgan, was confused and apprehensive about his new surroundings, but Marcos's confidence quickly reassured him. Watching his dad interact with people encouraged him to be brave.

Soon, Morgan came out of his shell and got his bearings in the new space. "He has a sweet yet spicy kitten personality."

shy kitten ginger fluffyLittleWanderersNYC

They were drawn to the warmth and quickly staked out their favorite nook in the room. "When we turned on the heater and put a big cozy bed in front, they immediately snuggled one another and just looked so content."

The two enjoy nestling in bed together, allowing the heat to cover them like a blanket.

cat dad kitten sonThey love cuddling with each other in bedMorgan

The father and son adore each other's company, but they also like to do their own things. They have chosen their own perching spots, and each claims different parts of the cat tree.

Marcos, the adult cat, craves attention from people and likes to be cradled and babied.

sweet friendly catMarcos is very friendly and trustingMorgan

"Marcos is the chillest, most loving cat I have ever encountered."

"Morgan is a little nervous with new people but will cuddle right into your arms and loves a good chin scratch. He had a rough start, and he is going to take a little time to trust people. Once he knows who you are, he feels safe."

fluffy ginger kittenMorgan learns to be brave by watching his dadMorgan

Marcos is as playful and rambunctious as his son, zooming through the tunnel, batting at toys, and creating a cacophony of playful sounds with his boy.

The kitten is getting more confident with his dad by his side, teaching him the ways of the world and instilling bravery.

cat kitten napping cuddlyThey enjoy their naps in the soft bed by the heaterMorgan

With the help of volunteers, the father and son are thriving in foster care, snoozing away in their cozy, warm bed without a worry in the world.

cat dad kitten sonMorgan

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