Kitten Sitting in the Middle of the Road 'Waiting' for the Right Person to Come Scoop Him Up

Kitten Sitting in the Middle of the Road 'Waiting' for the Right Person to Come Scoop Him Up


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A tiny kitten was sitting in the middle of a road and "waiting" for the right person to come get him.

tabby kittenBerlioz the kittenKiersten

Kiersten (@deuelhearts), a veterinary technician, was on her way to visit a friend, but little did she know that her plan was about to be interrupted by an unexpected rescue. "This little guy was waiting for me in the middle of the road on (that) Saturday."

"I was driving to help a friend clean their chicken coop (last month). On the way I saw something in the road that looked like a squirrel that had been hit in my lane," Kiersten told Love Meow. "As I was getting closer, my gut instinct was to drive around it because something seemed off."

To her surprise, she saw a little helpless kitten sitting in the middle of her lane.

road kittenHe was found sitting in the middle of the road all aloneKiersten

"I pulled my car across the road, jumped out, and went towards him."

The kitten was so scared that he tried to belly crawl, but didn't know where to go. Kiersten rushed over, scooped him up and held him tightly before she ran back to her vehicle.

"I actually had a few cars honking at me to get out of the road till I held up the kitten in my arms. As soon as I got him in the car, he snuggled up into my lap and started purring," Kiersten shared with Love Meow.

sleepy kittenHe is so happy to be safeKiersten

Kiersten reached out to social media to see if anyone was missing a kitten, but no one claimed him. She went back to the area and looked for missing-cat signs and other cats and kittens, but couldn't find any.

"He was filled with four different Intestinal parasites but was also only about 4-5 weeks old. He wouldn't have made it with the way our winters are here."

kitten at the vetKiersten

Kiersten brought the kitten home, thinking she would foster him until he was healthy and big enough for adoption, but that plan quickly changed.

The kitten immediately made himself at home and followed Kiersten everywhere around the house. Despite having plenty of napping spots, he always ended up falling asleep curled up in his human's arms or nestling comfortably on a warm lap.

affectionate kittenBerlioz is a people-cat and adores every human he meetsKiersten

Before they knew it, the kitten crept his way into everyone's heart, and they officially named him Berlioz (or Barry).

"He loves being with people 24/7. He comes to work with me at my local emergency vet clinic where the staff adore him, and he provides some much-needed snuggles when needed, or hangs out with my daughter and our other cats," Kiersten told Love Meow.

kitten kissKiersten

"He has one of the calmest personalities I've seen from a feral kitten. He just wants to be on top of you purring unless a small toy mouse goes by, and then he's gone and lost playing."

Because of Berlioz's comforting presence and sweet temperament, Kiersten believes that he will be a great candidate as a therapy cat.

lap kittenSnuggling away with his favorite personKiersten

All he wants to do is snuggle with people whenever possible. He craves attention and never gets tired of being petted and doted on.

The little outdoor kitten has blossomed into a major cuddle-bug with a loud purr motor that comforts every soul that he comes across.

cuddly kittenWhen he is napping, he is also cuddlingKiersten

Kiersten was on her way to visit a friend that day but came home with a tiny addition to her family—the sweetest lap cat and a joy to many more.

sleepy catHe insists on sleeping on his human mom all the timeKiersten

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