Cat Starts Hanging Around a House, Rolling Around for Attention Until He Finds People to Spoil Him

Cat Starts Hanging Around a House, Rolling Around for Attention Until He Finds People to Spoil Him


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A cat started hanging around a house, rolling on the ground, asking for attention until he found kind people to love and spoil him.

snuggly tabby catU-turn the catGilly

A friendly cat showed up on the porch of a house and decided to stick around. He walked up to the lady who lived there and flopped down in front of her, begging for attention.

The finder noticed his interesting-shaped ears and was charmed by his sweet, affectionate disposition. Knowing a cat like him shouldn't be on the streets, she wanted to help him. No one came to claim the tabby, so the finder contacted her local rescue, Little Wanderers NYC.

"We couldn't leave him outside for a minute longer," Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

stray cat tabby homeHe started hanging around a house asking for attentionLittleWanderersNYC

The cat named U-turn was about 4-5 years old and came with round-shaped teddy bear ears. "He made it to the veterinarian for a wellness examination. It turns out he was born that way." He might be related to the "American Curl" as he "has all the breed characteristics."

On Easter, Gilly came across a post from the rescue seeking a foster volunteer for U-turn, and she jumped at the chance.

stray tabby cat rolling aroundHe rolled on his back for belly rubsLittleWanderersNYC

"We recently lost our tabby boy. In his honor and memory, we decided to open our home and hearts and serve as a foster family," Gilly told Love Meow.

She set up a comfortable room with food, treats, and all the amenities and went to pick up U-turn.

tabby cat foster homeHe has a pair of teddy bear earsGilly

U-turn stepped out of the carrier with his tail held high and made a beeline for attention and pets.

"I thought we would be getting a tough guy from the Bronx. He is the snuggliest snuggle bug of all snuggle bugs. He is truly a magical feline."

happy snuggly tabby catGilly

After exploring his new space and getting plenty of snuggles, he conked out on a comfy blanket under Gilly's bed and had a night of uninterrupted slumber.

"He went to sleep...until noon the next day. He was exhausted. He knew he was safe and just let himself dream away."

tabby cat happy belly rubsGilly

In no time, Gilly discovered U-turn's favorite thing in the world - belly rubs. He sprawled out on his back with his belly on display, ready to be spoiled.

The second he was petted, his purr motor switched on, and his paws kneaded away, making biscuits in the air.

tabby cat belly rubsHe makes biscuits while getting belly rubsGilly

"We have a little nighttime routine where I sit on the rug on the floor, and he will come and lie beside me, and I will pet him until he falls asleep. He is like a puppy in a cat."

U-turn is starting to play with toys but would cuddle with his people all day and night if he could.

sleeping tabby catGilly

He lays his head on their hand, using it as a pillow for comfort. "He is very well-mannered and smart. Very easy going and easy to communicate with."

sleeping happy tabby catHe likes to lay his head on an open hand like a pillowGilly

The former street cat is FeLV+, but nothing can stop him from loving life and having fun. He craves human companionship, nuzzles into his people for pets, and melts into a puddle whenever he gets belly rubs.

He's very intrigued by his new wand toy and enjoys playing with his humans.

playful happy tabby catGilly

U-turn has pure bliss written all over his face now that he's indoors. He has a wonderful foster family to cater to his every whim and ensure he's loved and spoiled endlessly.

happy sweet tabby catGilly

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