Resilient Street Cat Ensures Her Kittens Live and Hopes for Home with Her Bonded Son

Resilient Street Cat Ensures Her Kittens Live and Hopes for Home with Her Bonded Son


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A resilient cat bounced back so her kittens could live better lives. She hopes to find a forever home with her bonded son.

orange cat and kittensChelsea the cat mom and her mini mesFour Paws One Heart

Early this year, an orange cat was spotted in Mansfield, Texas, in desperate need of rescue. She was seen dragging herself to safety as she couldn't move her legs. Susan Edstrom, founder and president of Four Paws One Heart (in Trophy Club, Texas), saw the plea for help for the feline, and rushed to save her.

"The cat has a very strong will to live. We took her to several different vets and had X-rays and evaluations done. It was determined that a bb (pellet) was (lodged) in the T9 area of the spine," Susan told Love Meow. "The consensus was to leave it alone (to prevent further damage). She had sensation in her feet when they were touched."

They also discovered something else through the X-rays — much to everyone's surprise, the cat was pregnant. She survived the ordeal so her kittens could live.

Four Paws One Heart

They named her Chelsea, and over the next few weeks in foster care, the expectant cat mom proved to be a resilient force.

Chelsea continued to wiggle her legs trying to use them. Every day without fail, she would drag herself around to exercise while her foster carer helped strengthen her legs with massage therapy.

She is resilient and determinedFour Paws One Heart

"We bought a senior cat litter box and she'd attempt to use it. We eventually saw videos of her getting up, wobbly and falling down but she was persistent," Susan shared with Love Meow.

Then one day, Chelsea got up on all fours and took her first steps, and she just kept walking. Over the next few days, she figured out her litter box and even harnessed enough range of motion to scratch the back of her ears with her back legs.

cat mom and kittensChelsea gave birth to five healthy babiesFour Paws One Heart

On March 31st, on her own, Chelsea gave birth to five healthy babies in the comfort of her nest. It was as if she had been preparing for this moment to care for her demanding kittens.

Chelsea was a wonderful mother to her litter, tending to their every need and watching them as they blossomed into rambunctious teens. When her kittens were ready for adoption, all but one quickly found forever homes.

She is a wonderful cat motherFour Paws One Heart

Georgie Boy (Chelsea's mini-me) and Chelsea were the only two still waiting. As it turned out, Chelsea needed her son all along.

Chelsea is still leery of humans while Georgie Boy adores attention from everyone he comes across. His energy and confidence rub off on his mom. He encourages Chelsea to play and has brought out the inner-kitten in her.

cat mom and kittenChelsea and her son Georgie boy became a bonded pairFour Paws One Heart

"They are constant companions and he is often caught sleeping together curled up with his arm over her, like her protector," Susan told Love Meow.

"He has helped her find her wings, and she is far more comfortable with people when he's around. We think adopted together, he will help her transition to a new home."

Four Paws One Heart

For Chelsea, some of the tiny things she does are huge improvements. She's starting to wiggle her hind quarters before pouncing, and playing more like any other cat every day.

"She also realized when I walk fast by the cat tree she doesn't have to run. She's definitely the longest to progress with baby steps that I've ever had," Chelsea's fosterer shared.

cat mom and kitten sonFour Paws One Heart

Chelsea has come a long way from not being able to walk, to walking, using the litter box, having five adorable babies, and climbing the cat tree all by herself.

"She deserves to always have a soft bed and a human to love her."

Georgie Boy and Momma ChelseaSheila Wilson

"So many people have rooted for Chelsea since she came into the rescue. She and Georgie Boy were really meant to be together. He is the ying to her yang and they love each other dearly."

sweet orange catsGeorgie the protector to his momSheila Wilson

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