Kitten Follows Cat Home and Decides She is Never Leaving After Life on the Streets

Kitten Follows Cat Home and Decides She is Never Leaving After Life on the Streets


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A kitten followed a family cat home and decided that she would stay forever after life as a stray.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

Alice McColl and her family noticed a stray cat hanging around their neighborhood one day, and started leaving food and water outside in case she would return.

A while later, the cat came back with two kittens to her food provider. Seeing the mom and the babies, they immediately reached out to the rescue community for help. While waiting for assistance, only one kitten made it back. She showed up by herself one day and her mother never came back for her.

While they continued to care for the kitten, Alice's cat Otley had been observing the little stray from the porch. He was intrigued and didn't seem to mind her presence.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

One day, he went on the porch for sunbathing and some fresh air, and decided to befriend the kitten who seemed to have made the backyard her home.

The little stray mustered enough courage to approach him. As soon as she sniffed his scent, she decided to tag along with him everywhere he went.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

Otley didn't seem to mind the overly attached new friend, and walked into the house with the kitten trailing behind him. Seeing how much the kitten was enamored by the cat, Alice knew she had picked her home.

The little bundle of fur was all cleaned up and had a long cuddle session with her new family. She was named Birdie, and quickly grew to enjoy being petted and snuggled.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

Since the kitten stepped paws into their home, she's been Otley's precious little shadow and the most loyal protege.

"She adores him and follows him everywhere, and he just seems happy to have a friend to spend the day with," Alice told Love Meow.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

The kitten is so content being inside a comfortable home with plenty of good food, comfy beds, and all the toys at her fingertips. Birdie and Otley watch the day go by together by the window and share their human's bed as a duo.

Otley has taken the role of big brother and showers the kitten with love and snuggles.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

He makes sure that she gets groomed every day, and will come running whenever she needs a hug.

Watch the two best friends in this video:

Kitten and cat best friends

"They eat together, sleep together and play together, and just basically completely inseparable at this point. They have an unbreakable friendship and it is so cute," Alice shared with Love Meow.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

After seeing the vet, Birdie snuggled right up to Otley for some TLC. The two fell asleep together holding paws. The sweet kitten has been vetted, spayed and got a clean bill of health.

The two best friends fill the house with constant cuddles and so much joy.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

Otley is often seen wrapping his arms around the kitten as if to reassure her that she is home.

Birdie has grown by leaps and bounds since the day she crossed paths with her forever family, and the bond between the two has only gotten stronger.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

The family didn't have plans to bring home another cat, but a kitten found her way to them, and it was meant to be.

Alice McColl @alicemmccoll

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