Kitten Found Stuck in a Wall for 2 Days Decides She Will Never Be Alone Again

Kitten Found Stuck in a Wall for 2 Days Decides She Will Never Be Alone Again


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A kitten who was found stuck in a wall for two days, decides she will never be alone again.

tuxedo kittenJojo the tuxedo kittenErin @catasticalmeows

Two months ago, Erin, a foster volunteer of Wrenn Rescues (in Los Angeles), took in a tiny kitten who had gone through quite an ordeal. "She was found inside a wall, stuck there for two days," Erin told Love Meow.

The tuxedo was exhausted, dehydrated and covered in dirt after she was rescued from the challenging situation. Volunteers from CAAT Friends safely transported the kitten to Erin, so the little ball of fur could be hand-reared around the clock.

"She didn't have the best appetite and wasn't really suckling. We had to tube-feed her for the first day, but she came around after a few full bellies."

She was found stuck in a wallErin @catasticalmeows

The tuxedo whom they named Jojo, was strong-willed. As soon as she perked up, she began to make great strides.

"She started gaining weight really well and eating like a champ. She was taking all her meals on her own after a little kick start with the tube feedings," Erin shared with Love Meow.

tuxedo kitten jojoErin @catasticalmeows

Jojo was determined to never be alone again after those two days in the wall, and was eager for a constant buddy.

Before she was medically clear to socialize with other kittens, Erin gave her a snuggle toy (as a faux momma) with a heat source and a heartbeat, so she could find comfort cuddling with her and feel less lonely.

kitten cuddlingJojo cuddled with her faux mommaErin @catasticalmeows

"We knew that she would be the perfect addition to our little crew of black and white fosters we already had, even though she was (three weeks) younger."

Erin and her family took turns to cuddle with Jojo, while they were counting down the days for her introduction to other fosters. "Jojo wanted so much to be a part of the big kitty crew!"

weighing kittenErin @catasticalmeows

When the time came for a proper meet-and-greet, the bigger kitties took Jojo under their wing, and started roughhousing with her.

Watch Jojo and her journey in this cute video:

Jojo the tuxedo

"She fit right in, ran around with the bigger foster girls and was slowly learning how to cat from them," Erin told Love Meow.

Jojo was excited to meet other foster kittensErin @catasticalmeows

"She was spending more time with the big kitties, and becoming quite the (toy) huntress."

Jojo adored other kittens but never missed out on getting attention from her people. She would hop onto a warm lap for cuddles between play sessions.

sleepy tuxedo kittensThey became fast friendsErin @catasticalmeows

"She is silly, crazy and so cuddly. She just loves to be on your lap and in your face grooming you. She has the cutest little meow, and immediately purrs and wants to snuggle the minute you walk into the room. She plays hard and cuddles harder."

Jojo tuxedo kittenErin @catasticalmeows

Jojo the tuxedo became a full-fledged cuddle-bug as she refused to be by herself.

"She shared three older (foster) sisters until they were all adopted. She then enjoyed two slightly younger but smaller brothers. She is bold, chatty and such a snuggler."

cuddly kittenShe is very affectionate and snugglyErin @catasticalmeows

Two months after Jojo was rescued from the wall, she went to her forever home—she is spending the rest of her life with a feline sibling and a wonderful family that adores her to bits.

"She has been a dream to foster. We are beyond thrilled to have been a part of her journey."

tuxedo catShe has blossomed into an adorable lap catErin @catasticalmeows

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