Kitten Shows Everyone She's Perfect and Wants to be Held All Day When She Arrives at an Animal Rescue

Kitten Shows Everyone She's Perfect and Wants to be Held All Day When She Arrives at an Animal Rescue


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A cute kitten showed everyone she was perfect and wanted to be held all day when she arrived at an animal rescue.

cute kitten snugglesGoji the kittentheOddCatSanctuary

When Goji the kitten and her siblings came to an animal rescue, staff noticed she looked a bit different. She was much smaller and had a nose shaped like a butterfly.

They soon realized that Goji needed specialized care and reached out to the Odd Cat Sanctuary for help. "They asked us if we would be interested in taking her on. She required more care than her siblings, and they knew we would do anything for our odd cats," the Odd Cat Sanctuary shared with Love Meow.

"Without hesitation, we said yes. The moment we met her, she was a larger-than-life personality that wanted to be held and loved."

cute cuddly kitten gojiShe immediately demanded cuddles from peopletheOddCatSanctuary

Upon arrival, Goji was an instant cuddle bug, demanding attention from everyone around her. She produced the cutest squeaky meows and the softest purrs that no one could resist.

Despite being pint-sized, Goji was a force of nature and immediately settled into her new space.

sweet tuxedo kittenGoji loved her food and quickly settled in her new spacetheOddCatSanctuary

She went straight to her food bowl and filled her belly to the brim. When she was ready for a nap, she lay down beside her faux mama (a snuggle toy with a heartbeat) and purred herself to sleep.

Goji was six weeks old and very small for her age, but what she lacked in size, she made up for in personality.

kitten nose lap catShe's never met a stranger and wants attention and cuddles all the timetheOddCatSanctuary

At her initial vet appointment, Goji captivated the hearts of the entire veterinary staff and indulged in their cuddles. "Everyone that met her at the appointment was so taken with her. She's so cute, and it's hard to put into words."

Goji has hydrocephalus and congenital abnormalities, which give her the butterfly-shaped nose. She walks with an endearing, wobbly gait and can hold a conversation.

sweet snuggly tuxedo kittenGoji prefers doing everything while being heldtheOddCatSanctuary

At this time, the little tuxedo requires no additional treatments. "The neurologist feels she has a great prognosis. We are thrilled with this news."

Goji insists on sleeping, playing, grooming, and cruising around the house in her carer's arms. She would stay cuddled all day if she could.

sleeping kitten cute tuxedotheOddCatSanctuary

She enjoys being cradled like a baby, even when she bats at a toy. After each meal, Goji demands to be picked up so she can wash her face while being held.

Loud, playful, and utterly irresistible, Goji is a tiny firecracker, lighting up the room with every meow.

sweet kitten playful noseShe is very small for her age but loves to eat and playtheOddCatSanctuary

"She is the sweetest soul and determined to show the world that different is okay. She loves to be held, play, and eat snacks. She's super vocal and will let you know when she wants attention."

sweet tuxedo kitten nose butterflyShe may be tiny but has a big personalitytheOddCatSanctuary

With proper care and plenty of love, Goji is thriving as a rambunctious bundle of joy. She may be tiny, but her personality is mighty.

snuggly tuxedo kittenGoji likes to be babied constantlytheOddCatSanctuary

Goji still has much growing to do and feline skills to hone. She tackles food with her voracious appetite and is determined to do everything just like other kittens.

sweet tuxedo kitten gojiGoji is thriving in foster care, living each day to the fullesttheOddCatSanctuary

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