Kind Person Provides Safety to Cat from Wind and Rain, Wakes Up to Miracle Kitten in the Room One Morning

Kind Person Provides Safety to Cat from Wind and Rain, Wakes Up to Miracle Kitten in the Room One Morning


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A kind person provided safety to a cat from wind and rain. She woke up to a tiny miracle kitten in the room one morning.

cat mom nursing kittenClementine the cat and Persimmon the kittenAngela

A cat named Clementine had lived outside her entire life, being cared for by a Good Samaritan. When they realized she was pregnant, they brought the friendly stray to their local rescue, Orphan Kitten Project, leaving her in the capable hands of a carer.

"Clementine came to me on a very windy and rainy day. I'm so glad she didn't have to give birth outside in those conditions," Angela, a foster volunteer of the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

They expected she would give birth in the next few days, but little did they know the rollercoaster ride ahead.

torbie cat sweetAngela

"She realized she was safe as soon as she got here. She was so tired that she slept almost the whole first day."

Clementine woke up in high spirits with extra clinginess. She followed her foster mom on her heels and leaned into her for snuggles. She became a velcro kitty, seeking constant affection and using her voice to demand more petting.

friendly cat snugglesAngela

"She loves to be with people, and her favorite thing in the world is cuddles."

The following Monday, Clementine went into labor. She had two kittens who sadly didn't survive despite their best efforts to save them. Heartbroken, Angela went the extra mile to give Clementine the love and company she needed to feel better.

sweet snuggly catAngela

Four days after the initial birth, Angela, who was still grieving over the loss, walked into the room to quite a surprise. She saw a tiny bundle of fur with four limbs latching onto Clementine's belly.

To her astonishment, Clementine gave birth to a third kitten in the middle of the night.

cat nursing kittensPersimmon was born unexpectedly four days after the first birthAngela

The little miracle baby came into the world with a strong appetite and a zest for life.

"Clementine's maternal instincts seemed to have kicked in (which hadn't previously), and she was actively taking care of the baby boy," Angela added.

cat mom nursing newborn kittenAngela

"Although I knew about interrupted labor in cats where kittens can be born 24-36 hours apart, I did not know that it could be four days apart."

The kitten wrapped his paws around his mom while Clementine cradled him in her belly, filling the room with her soothing purrs.

cat nursing newborn kittenClementine showers her only kitten with unconditional loveAngela

Angela lovingly named the miracle baby Persimmon after the Persimmon tree, which takes many years to bear fruit. At one week old, Persimmon doubled his birth weight, tipping the scale at 216 grams.

Clementine showers him with unconditional love, keeping him well-fed and immaculately clean around the clock.

cat only kitten lovingShe watches over him every step of the wayAngela

"She is very sweet to Persimmon. She stays by his side all day and responds to him whenever he cries out for her."

She treasures her precious baby with all her heart and proudly shows him off when her foster mom enters the room. Soon, Persimmon's eyes will open, and his ears will unfold.

tiny newborn kittenPersimmon is a little miracle babyAngela

Once the kitten feels pep under his feet, he will venture out of the nest, explore the vastness of the world around him, and keep his mom on her toes.

cat mom tiny kittenAngela

With the help of a loving foster family, Clementine can sleep soundly at night, knowing she and her baby are safe and loved.

cat mom tiny kittenAngela

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