Residents Saw 5 Kittens Under Their Home Needing Help, Days Later They Ended Up with Seven

Residents Saw 5 Kittens Under Their Home Needing Help, Days Later They Ended Up with Seven


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Residents saw five kittens under their home needing help. Many days later, they ended up with seven.

cute kittens huddled@coastalbendcats

A stray cat was seen hanging around a residential property, scrounging for food. Upon investigation, the homeowner discovered that the cat had kittens under their mobile home.

At the time, they spotted five babies with the mom and reached out to the rescue community for help. They looked after the feline family the best they could, providing food and water to the mom.

A couple of weeks later, they noticed that the cat mom had disappeared, and she never returned. The kittens were strong enough to venture out of their hideout and look for food.

stray cat kittens shedThe homeowner found a stray cat and her kittens living under their mobile home@coastalbendcats

While the finders patiently waited for a rescue to take them in, they kept the kittens fed and safe. One after another, the kittens made their way to the yard and turned it into their playground. To the surprise of the residents, there were extra members of the litter that had been missed initially.

"As soon as we had an open foster home the next week, we let (the finders) know and scheduled intake," Mary Huckabee, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue (CBCR) officer, shared with Love Meow.

stray kittens walking outsideThey initially saw five kittens but ended up with seven@coastalbendcats

"We arrived expecting five babies, but there were actually seven."

A total of seven littermates were accounted for, six black kittens and one orange tabby. They were transported to their foster home with Krishna who was stunned by the larger-than-expected clowder.

kitten stray cuteThe kittens turned their yard into their playground@coastalbendcats

She welcomed them in with open arms and added a few more accommodations to suffice the demanding seven.

The weather was sweltering outside, and once the kittens stepped into their new space, they were pleased with the cool air served from the AC unit and ecstatic about the food station in which refreshment was readily available.

kittens snugglingAll seven kittens were rescued and taken into a foster home@coastalbendcats

The kittens (Ed Earl, Sally Mae, Cletus, Ellie Mae, Billy Bob, Skeeter and Daisy Mae) have been vetted and treated. With good health, clean coats and voracious appetites, the seven are thriving and growing by leaps and bounds.

They have completely acclimated to life indoors, scampering around the room, climbing anything they can lay their paws on.

playful happy panther kittenThey have become very playful and curious@coastalbendcats

"They are super sweet and cuddly. They are adventurous and already escaping their enclosure," Mary shared with Love Meow.

The six black kittens (three boys, three girls) are almost completely identical, but each has their own personality. They wear different collars to help tell them apart.

cute black kittens playingThe six black kittens are almost identical@coastalbendcats

The sole orange tabby boy, Cletus, is vivacious and goes after every wand toy within sight. He exudes boisterous orange cat energy and loves creating all sorts of antics with his siblings.

cute ginger kitten playfulCletus is the sole orange tabby in the litter@coastalbendcats

All seven of them enjoy head scritches and attention from their people. They play hard, but they cuddle even harder.

When they switch on their purr motors simultaneously, it creates a symphony of the most soothing sounds.

playful kittens happy@coastalbendcats

"These babies will be in foster care for a few weeks until they are ready for adoption. They definitely struck gold landing a spot in foster care. It's the luxury life from here on out."

cute panther kitty kitten@coastalbendcats

The kittens were named with a hillbilly theme. One of the CBCR officers wrote lyrics for them to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song.

kittens version beverly hillbilliesA CBCR officer wrote lyrics for the kittens to the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies theme song@coastalbendcats

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