Kittens Uplift Cat and Help Him Thrive After He Was Rescued from Street, Now Hoping for Dream Home

Kittens Uplift Cat and Help Him Thrive After He Was Rescued from Street, Now Hoping for Dream Home


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A cat was rescued from life on the street and found himself surrounded by kittens who helped him thrive.

foster kitten and catOliver the cat and his foster kitten friendMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

Early this year, a cat was brought to Wilco Regional Animal Shelter (in Texas) after he was found hit by a car. He had multiple severe injuries and suffered neurological damage to his right forelimb.

A volunteer stepped up and got him stable and recovering. He was then transferred to another foster home where he continued his healing process. Megyn, his new foster mom, was quickly enamored by the sweet feline they named Oliver.

Oliver was curious about all the new toys and continued to try to run and jump despite his physical limitations. But most of all, he was eager for a constant companion.

Oliver was rescued after he was found hit by a carMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

Megyn was caring for two kittens, Lenny and Carl, at the time. When Oliver was ready to meet them, they just hit it off. The feline siblings immediately gravitated towards him and let him love on them as if they were his own.

Oliver wanted to be near the fosters at all times, making sure they were clean and loved. The kittens were smitten with him and would seek him out for comfort.

cuddly kitten catHe adores kittens in need and is a great cuddle buddyMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

Their energy rubbed off on Oliver and their purrs and snuggles lifted his spirits. "He is a super mellow, friendly guy. He loves it when the kittens cuddle with him. We often find foster kittens choose to cuddle with him over siblings."

After Lenny and Carl found their forever home together, Oliver continued to wait for the right family to come his way. He missed having a buddy to snuggle with, and would stay by the door and hope for another kitten to come through it.

cuddly kitten catFoster kittens gravitate towards himMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

When Oliver met the 7-week-old tabby, Sam, he took her right under his wing. The orange kitten who was in need of some TLC, was thrilled to have Oliver by her side, grooming and comforting her.

Oliver offered to be Sam's pillow when she napped, and let the little spitfire play with his tail. "He is just a patient guy with the kittens. He truly loves their company."

Oliver and his foster kitten SamMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

Then came sweet Remi the kitten -- she had some neurological issues when she was a baby.

Oliver welcomed her with open arms as if he knew just what she needed. He showered her with cuddles and licks and the kitten just melted into him.

Oliver snuggling with Remi the kittenMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

"When kittens aren't where he can access them, he's often found waiting by their doors. He truly just wants to be part of the family and with some animal pals," Megyn shared with Love Meow.

cuddle puddle catsThe cuddly trioMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

After months of treatments and recovery, Oliver is feeling so much better and happier. He may be a bit wobbly and have fewer teeth, but nothing can stop him from living a full life.

"He loves to play and can even jump on my bed despite having access to stairs."

Oliver is looking for a forever homeAriana @the_itty_bitty_kitty_committee

"Oliver gets along with everyone. He is outgoing and cuddly. He has the perfect litter box manners! His physical limitations don't stop him from leading a happy life, and it's amazing to see this guy be so congenial."

cat kissesHe is a sweet cat and has so much to giveMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

Oliver is looking for his happily ever after through Austin Pets Alive. "Despite all that he has been through, he shows nothing but love to all who center his life."

cat in boxMegyn @kittenkonnoisseur

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