Cat Brought Stray Kitten Home from Backyard and Raised Him into Happiest Cat


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A cat brought a stray kitten home from his backyard and raised him into the happiest cat.


Last summer, a stray kitten showed up in a family's backyard outside their farm house in the Netherlands. The kitten was scrounging around for food and wandered to their home.

Klarieke, the homeowner, had three cats at the time. One of them named Stavros was rescued from the streets more than a year ago. After adopting the third cat, Klarieke thought that would be all. "We said to ourselves that three cats were enough," Klarieke shared with Love Meow.

But Stavros the ginger and white cat never got the memo. When he noticed the little feline visitor outside their home, he concocted a plan of his own.


By the time the family found out about the kitten, they were surprised to see their cat playing and getting along swimmingly with the little newcomer, as if they had always been friends.

The kitten kept coming back to hang out with the cat, and the two were often seen napping together in a shed attached to the house. After asking around the neighborhood and waiting for some time, no one came forward to claim the kitten.


"Stavros was always with him every time he showed up. He even let the kitten have his food. I started feeding the kitten from that day on," Klarieke shared with Love Meow.

It became clear that the kitten didn't have a home. Seeing that their cat had chosen him as his own, the family decided to officially adopt him as their fourth kitty and named him Charlie.


It took a few days for Charlie to adjust to life inside a house. Stavros became his mentor, showing him the ropes and teaching him how to be a proper cat.

With a few pointers from his best friend, Charlie figured out how to use the litter box and grew to enjoy playing with toys.


He began to lower his guard around people. Slowly but surely, he allowed them to hold him and cuddle with him.

The two best friends look out for each other and Stavros has taken the role of big brother. He is never tired of giving Charlie baths and cuddles, making sure that he's always clean and loved.


The ginger and white cat teaches the kitten to be brave around people and that humans are there to serve them and to be supervised.

Now Charlie often follows his mom around the house, demanding to know everything she's doing.


"Charlie has turned into a lap cat. When he just moved in with us, he was shy but now he will follow us until we sit down, so he can sit on our lap," Klarieke shared.

"When I do laundry, he is right behind me. He likes to watch and follow me to the bathroom. There is no privacy in his world."


Charlie has blossomed into a playful, mischievous kitty. He keeps his feline friends on their toes and fills the house with endless entertainment.

Stavros adores him and doesn't mind his many antics.


Charlie often squeezes next to his best friend so they can share a bed or a chair together. He looks up to his big brother and follows in his paw-steps.


Charlie is all grown up now and living the best life with his big family. He has a larger-than-life personality and is always happy and cheerful.


Stavros continues to watch over his little brother and keeps him out of trouble. Sometimes they hold paws when they nap.


Charlie has blossomed into a handsome young cat. He's the happiest little guy in the house, living life to the fullest.


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