Stray Kitten Befriends Puppy and Keeps Coming Back to See Him

Stray Kitten Befriends Puppy and Keeps Coming Back to See Him


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A stray kitten befriended a puppy he met in a neighborhood and kept coming back to see him.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

Delfina Plaja and her husband, Olivier Tops, from Italy brought Taco the pup into their family last year. To help potty train him, Delfina decided to spend most of her days outside with her little bundle of joy.

One day, while she was out with Taco, she noticed a tabby kitten under a car in an alley by her building. When he and Taco locked eyes, the kitty slowly emerged from under the vehicle and made his way up to the pup.

Despite being a bit shy around people, the kitten walked right up to the puppy and just wanted to play. He rubbed his face on his canine friend and wrapped his tail around him like a hug.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

After asking around, Delfina discovered the kitten had been living alone in an open garage and was being fed by a neighbor.

"No one had any idea where he had come from or why he was alone without a mother or siblings."

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

She brought the kitten some food and treats in hopes of gaining his trust. Whenever she was out with Taco, the kitten was there, eager to play with him. Soon, the tabby would show up in front of their building, waiting for Taco.

"He was there every time we went out, and Taco would whine by the door, wanting to go out and play with his friend," Delfina told Love Meow.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

The kitten had taken a liking to their pup and now he needed a safe home. When he came back, soaked in rain water, Delfina and her husband knew it was time to bring him in.

The tabby was scared at first and kept trying to find a place to hide, but once he realized Taco was with him and that he was safe, he began to clam down and even started to purr.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

"He didn't stop purring for two days straight," Delfina told Love Meow.

Watch the two best friends in this video:

Stray kitten befriends

"As soon as we saw them cuddling together to sleep, there was no way we could separate them. We officially adopted the kitten and named him Tequila."

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

The two best friends grew up together and traveled together. Tequila followed Taco everywhere he went and wouldn't let him out of his sight.

"They cuddle and play just like two brothers would, running after each other, rolling around and generally creating mayhem around the house," Delfina told Love Meow.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

"Taco is outgoing and super sociable, making friends everywhere (just like his artist dad). Tequila is brave but introverted (just like his mom)."

Together, they complete each other.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

The couple didn't plan to have another pet but a little kitten showed up one day and befriended their puppy, now his brother for life.

Delfina Plaja @tnt_dog_and_cat

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