Cat, Size of a Small Bobcat, Found Wailing in Front of House Until a Couple Scoops Him Up and Finds Him Help

Cat, Size of a Small Bobcat, Found Wailing in Front of House Until a Couple Scoops Him Up and Finds Him Help


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A cat was found wailing in front of a house until a couple scooped him up and found him help.

cuddly cat bigBob the catNoelle

An orange and white cat, the size of a small bobcat, appeared in front of a resident's home, wailing and begging for rescue.

The resident noticed the distressed cat and immediately contacted her friend, Noelle, who volunteers for a local animal rescue, Little Wanderers NYC.

Noelle and her husband stepped up to help. They raced to get the cat and provided a quiet room for him with food and water while they tried to figure out where he came from.

abandoned cat houseHe was found crying in front of a houseNoelle

The cat was a bit nervous with all the changes but started to relax indoors. That night, he leaned against Noelle for comfort and purred as if he knew he was safe.

They were able to locate a microchip, but the registered phone number was out of service.

cat rescued meowingNoelle

They posted on social media and put up signs near the last registered address to his chip and where he was found. They even reached out to the building management, hoping to find a clue, but to no avail.

Eventually, they discovered through their vet that the chip info was "changed the day before we found him."

snuggly cat lapBob leaned against his rescuer for comfortNoelle

"Although he is microchipped, it led to a dead end, and ultimately, he was presumed abandoned," Little Wanderers NYC shared. With the support of the rescue, he was fully vetted and received a clean bill of health.

At around 4-5 years old, the cat named Bob (as in Bobcat) has a muscular frame of 17.5 pounds.

sweet cat big boyNoelle

Bob is incredibly gentle and affectionate towards people, rubbing his face against their legs for attention and nestling on their feet in bed.

His paws immediately start paddling when he gets face rubs. He enjoys lounging on a big, comfy chair, but to Bob, no throne trumps a cardboard box fort.

cat in box cuteBob loves cardboard boxesNoelle

"He enjoys catnip toys, is fastidious about cleaning himself, loves a window hang, and is obsessed with boxes."

Bob has met his foster friend, a ginger kitten named Minnow, and is proving to be a very patient big brother. The two get along well as they inspect the refrigerator and take over their foster parents' bed together.

cat kitten fridge exploreBob and his foster friend Minnow inspected the fridge when Noelle tried to clean itNoelle

The ginger kitten's unbridled energy can be a bit overwhelming to Bob, who prefers a laid-back lifestyle, watching cat TV out the window or on a computer and napping comfortably on his throne all day.

"He makes cute meows at mealtime and wants to sit on your bed while you sleep."

cat entertainment laptopBob is enthralled by cat TVNoelle

Bob is so pleased to have a roof over his head, good food to fill his belly, comfy places to snooze on, and kind humans to assure him he's loved.

"He's low maintenance and has so much room for growth with someone."

cat throne cute loungingBob and his throneNoelle

He's ready to find a place where he can be the center of attention, have a continuous supply of boxes, get all the face rubs on demand, and curl up next to his human at night.

cat bed time sweetNoelle

"Being abandoned isn't Bob's whole story." Through the compassion of his rescuers, Bob has found a second chance.

He's happy and content, knowing his life will be filled with love from here on out.

snuggly sleeping catNoelle

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