Cat Waves at Visitors at Shelter and Hopes Someone Can Take Him Home

Cat Waves at Visitors at Shelter and Hopes Someone Can Take Him Home


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A friendly ginger cat waves at every person he comes across at the shelter, hoping someone will take him home.

ginger cat, shelter, pawsLollypop Farm

A handsome 2-year-old ginger tabby named Mayhem found himself at Lollypop Farm, an animal welfare organization in Fairport, New York, looking for a home for the second time.

"Mayhem first arrived at Lollypop Farm in early June after he was abandoned by his owner. He went up for adoption, but sadly came back to the shelter when his new home just wasn't the right fit," Lollypop Farm shared with Love Meow.

The ginger boy is packed with energy and always on the lookout for something to play with. This rambunctious kitty has a big, sassy personality and is the personification of a very busy body.

ginger cat, shelter catLollypop Farm

While Mayhem waits for his dream home, staff has filled his suite with all kinds of toys and fun activities to keep his energetic self occupied. "He has a giant kitty colony all to himself - filled with cat toys, cardboard boxes, towers to climb, etc.," Lollypop Farm added.

"When staff members walk past the glass door leading into his toy-filled domain, Mayhem paws at the door as if to say, 'come in and play with me!' And don't worry - we do."

cat, waving paws, adoptLollypop Farm

This clever and persuasive tabby beckons to his people with such tenacity. Staff don't have the heart to say no whenever he asks for their attention. Mayhem loves nothing more than spending time with people and playing between naps.

"He has a lot of energy and needs a lot of stimulation to keep busy. He may not be the right kind of cat for just anyone, but we know that there is a cat lover out there who is looking for a sassy cat just like him," Lollypop Farm told Love Meow.

shelter cat, waiting for homeLollypop Farm

Perhaps, Mayhem's love language is play time with his human friends. Staff members take turns to interact and play with him to reassure him that he is adored. The ginger boy returns the favor by providing the best feline entertainment.

"Mayhem loves to play with cat toys, especially the kind that are on a wand with a string," Lollypop Farm added.

Lollypop Farm

This handsome fella embodies the ginger cattitude where he craves human affection, and play time is his ultimate goal.

Watch Mayhem the cat in this cute video:

Ginger cat looking for a

The kitty is never shy of making his many requests. All he wants is someone to play with. "He may do well in a home with dogs. He has also shown playful interest in other cats during his time here," Lollypop Farm said.

cat, cute, gingerLollypop Farm

The rescue organization is determined to find the sweet kitty a forever loving home that he so deserves.

"The behavior and training team at Lollypop Farm has been working with Mayhem to promote positive reinforcement training, and will be able to give his new family all sorts of tips on how to keep this busy body happy and engaged."

handsome cat, ginger, cuteLollypop Farm

The sweet tabby continues to search for the perfect home while he waves at every person he meets by the glass door.

"This handsome cat will surely find just the right home where he can play with cat toys to his heart's content."

paws, ginger cat, cuteLollypop Farm

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