Kitten So Happy to Be Catered to, He Insists on Being the Center of Attention

Kitten So Happy to Be Catered to, He Insists on Being the Center of Attention


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A kitten is so happy to have a family to help him thrive. He insists on being the center of attention at all times.

ginger kitten purritoRanger Rob the ginger kittenDanica Floto

A 3-week-old ginger tabby was brought to Paws N Claws Freedom Rescue Society for a chance at a better life. He was born a solo kitten and his mother wasn't able to care for him.

Danica Floto, a foster volunteer of the rescue, took him on and began bottle-feeding the singleton, Ranger Rob, around the clock. In no time, the little tabby had his foster parents wrapped around his tiny paw.

"Ranger was quite the kitten. His feet rarely touched the ground as he preferred to be carried around in my hoodie that I wore backwards for him, or snuggled up in Foster Dad's armpit. He was spoiled rotten," Danica told Love Meow.

purrito kitten, hoodie kittenLittle purritoDanica Floto

"He knew my voice, and woke up as soon as he heard me."

Ranger would cling to his people like velcro and insist on snoozing while cuddling up to them. He was tiny but full of vigor and had a larger-than-life personality.

fierce kittenDanica Floto

Ranger was adamant about being the center of attention or cradled like a baby so he could soak up all the love.

Whenever he spotted Foster Dad on his laptop, the kitten didn't hesitate to offer some "help." He would waddle up onto the keyboard and proceed to tap away with his little paw pads.

office cat, feline supervisorOffice kitty on dutyDanica Floto

During that time, Danica had another litter of kittens in her care that were ready to meet Ranger. They hit it off right away, and the ginger boy was ecstatic to have friends his age to roughhouse with.

"It helped his development tremendously. In just two very short weeks, he was off the bottle, using the litter box, and no longer wanted me to kiss him in front of his friends!"

foster kittens cuddlingRanger met other fosters and they became fast friendsDanica Floto

Ranger, the bravest of his crew, showed the other kittens how to be an office cat. He taught them the art of lap hogging, and that the biggest bed in the house always belongs to the kitties.

cute ginger kittenDanica Floto

When it came time for adoption, a wonderful family quickly found their way to Ranger.

Watch Ranger and his journey in this cute video:

Ranger the

Ranger (now Rusty) has gone to his forever home where he has two older fur siblings (Luna the cat and Titan the dog) to keep him company. The tiny bottle kitten has blossomed into a confident, wild, sweet young cat.

Danica Floto

Rusty has already assumed the role as the new house supervisor and always wants to know what his humans are up to

"He meows in the bathroom waiting to be picked up and put on the counter, so he can see what's going on while I'm getting ready in the morning. If he's not picked up, he will climb up my leg," Chandre, Rusty's mom, shared.

Ranger and his tiny foster friendDanica Floto

He keeps his fur siblings on their toes with his unbridled energy, and scampers around the house, getting zoomies at odd hours.

"He WWE wrestles Luna from every angle, sneaks up to Titan and jumps out to scare him, but Titan (who is often sleeping) doesn't even notice."

Danica Floto

The kitten has a voracious appetite and devours his food like there is no tomorrow. "He takes a bite from his bowl, and then Luna's, then back to his."

Luna and Ranger (now Rusty) at their forever homeChandre

The ginger boy is very affectionate and has become quite the cuddle-bug. "He is very needy and snuggly, and will bring his nose in closer for a kiss. We are loving every bit of it."

He adores his canine friend and nap buddy TitanChandre

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