14-year Old Shelter Cat Who Lost Her Home Runs Up to Woman Asking to be Adopted...

14-year Old Shelter Cat Who Lost Her Home Runs Up to Woman Asking to be Adopted...


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A fluffy 14 year-old Himalayan cat was inseparable with her previous owner until she couldn't care for her cat due to health issues. When a young woman came to meet the sweet kitty at the shelter, she went up to her asking to be adopted!

Meet Miss Molly!

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

Miss Molly spent all her life in her previous home until the owner's health prevented her from caring for the fluffy cat. She was an only cat and had always been a companion to her human that she had known all her life.

Animal Rescue League of Boston (Cape Cod Branch) took her in on December 8, 2016, hoping to find her a new home to spend her retirement. The sweet-natured kitty came with some medical concerns--a urinary tract infection as well as early signs of kidney disease.

Every day she sat on the shelf in her enclosure, waiting for that special someone to come take her home.

Almost two months later, someone came to meet Miss Molly…

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

"I found Miss Molly on Petfinder after months of searching for the right cat. I knew I wanted a senior cat because I wanted to make sure an older cat wasn't left in a shelter for the last few years of their life," Olivia C. told Love Meow.

She was smitten with Miss Molly and drove hours to visit her. "Molly was napping on the highest shelf in her enclosure and climbed right down to greet me."

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

Sweet Molly made a beeline to Olivia and then proceeded to greet her human friend with her fabulous floof and those adorable face rubs.

"I loved how friendly and outgoing she was, and of course I couldn't say no to her face. I knew right away that I needed to bring her home, despite her medical issues," Olivia told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

Miss Molly finally left the shelter for good.

On her way home, she looked up to her human mom with those big blue eyes.

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

When she arrived, she immediately claimed her human's bed and made herself at home.

"She has quickly settled in to my home and has slept with me essentially since she came home with me," Olivia told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

"Miss Molly enjoys throwing hair ties in the air and pouncing on them. She is very playful despite her age and loves to run around chasing the laser pointer."

The fluffy gal is still a kitten at heart!

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

"Miss Molly always greets me when I get home by running to the door and letting out a single meow. I couldn't be happier with my new choice and I'm very happy to have found her."

The sweet old gal only weighs 6.5 pounds but what she lacks in size, she surely makes up for it with an abundance of love and sass.

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

"Senior cats still have so much life to live and love to give and I look forward to giving her all of the love and attention she will need for the rest of her life," Olivia told Love Meow.

Ever since she moved into her new home, she's been inseparable with her forever human. Miss Molly couldn't be happier!

Courtesy: Olivia C. @blueeyes_bushytail

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