32-year-old Cat Who Found His Humans 27 Years Ago, Left an Incredible Legacy...

32-year-old Cat Who Found His Humans 27 Years Ago, Left an Incredible Legacy...


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27 years ago this tabby cat chose his humans in their backyard. He was the world's oldest cat and lived until he was 32!

Meet Nutmeg the cat.

Photo: Value Vets

This super senior cat had one deaf ear and three teeth left, but he had the heart of a lion. He bounced back from a serious illness in 2015.

Nutmeg used most of his nine lives. When this old man turned 30, he was not ready to kick the bucket.

Liz and Ian Finlay found Nutmeg 27 years ago when he showed up in their garden under a wheelbarrow. "He was very scrawny and had a lump on his neck," Ian told ChronicleLive.


"He was checked over by the Cat Protection League, who said the condition of his teeth made him at least five years old and we have owned him for 27 years."

The couple rescued him and gave him a loving home. The kitty became their most loyal companion.


Two years ago, there was a quite a scare when Nutmeg was rushed to the animal hospital. Fearing that they would lose their beloved cat, Dr. Laura Gillis along with the staff at Westway Veterinary Hospital worked tirelessly and brought Nutmeg back to health.

"We thought we had lost him and we were very upset, but after a few days in hospital he was back to his normal self," Ian said.

He was an old guy but never lost his cattitude!

The couple treasured their cat that they had spent over two and a half decades with, with all their hearts.

"He was not our cat – we were his humans and he never let us forget that. I think that was the secret to his long life."

Westway Veterinary Group

The oldest cat ever is Creme Puff who lived until he was 38 according to the Guinness World Record.

Nutmeg celebrated his 31st birthday together with Dr. Gillis who saved his life. And this June, he turned 32.

Westway Veterinary Group

At 32 years old, Nutmeg was the equivalent of 144 in human years.

Nutmeg crossed the rainbow bridge on September 14th and this amazing feline left an incredible legacy for every cat lover to remember.

The couple spent 27 years with their beloved cat and throughout these years, Nutmeg remained the boss in the house :).

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Last updated on October 17, 2017

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