Cat Abandoned at 14 Walks Up to Woman Asking Her to Be Her Forever Human...


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A 14-year-old shelter cat was so happy to find someone she loves that she went up to her and showered her with snuggles.

Meet Grandma!

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control

"This super-sweet little lady, an estimated 14 years old, had been at the shelter since May 31 after being dumped out of a dark blue truck. ," Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control said.

In just a couple of weeks, she was nursed back to health. She eats well despite missing most of her teeth, and the affectionate senior cat is an expert cuddler.

All she wanted was a home and someone to love. Every day Grandma was eager to spend time cuddling with volunteers and visitors. The shelter staff knew that she needed a home where she could spend her golden years snuggling with the person she loves.

After almost a month, Grandma was still waiting patiently. When a kind woman found her, everything changed.

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control

Her friend had just adopted a special needs cat from the shelter. When they spotted Grandma, they urged her to go visit her. "They told me I had to come meet Grandma because she was so awesome."

As soon as Grandma saw her, the friendly kitty walked right up to her and rubbed her face against hers.

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control

They were smitten with each other, and Grandma gave her the warmest head snuggles she had ever received. It was as if the senior gal finally found what she had been waiting for. "My boyfriend read online that is how a cat lets you know you're family."

That day Grandma left the shelter for good. After she settled into her new home, the cuddlefest continued.

Friends of Anne Arundel County Animal Control

"Head bumps happened within minutes of meeting at the shelter. And they have continued. She gives them multiple times a day," she told Love Meow.

Grandma makes sure that her human is never alone. Whenever her human sits on the couch or lies in bed, Grandma cuddles up to her to keep her company.


"As you can tell, she loves when I work from home and get to hang out with her all day," she told Love Meow.

Grandma's purr serves as the best relaxing music during work.


"We are so in love with her and all of her craziness."

Grandma reminds her human to take a break from her computer and snuggle with her immediately.


Grandma looks at her human mom with that loving gaze.


Despite her age, she is still a kitten at heart.

Every morning she wakes up to a purr motor snuggling in her arms.


This sweet senior cat was once abandoned but she continued to love and trust. Now she has found a forever home and someone to love and cuddle with every day. Grandma couldn't be happier.

"We are so thankful for the new love and energy Grandma kitty has brought to our home! She is truly young at heart."


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