Woman Takes a Chance on Earless Senior Cat While Others Pass Him By, A Day After Adoption...


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An earless senior cat was waiting at the shelter for a loving home, but people kept passing him by. Until one day, a young woman found him and fell in love.

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

Molly Lichtenwalner, a graduate student, was looking for a solution to help her cope with anxiety.

"I was having severe anxiety as a result of a car accident... I decided it was time for me to adopt an animal to help with my anxiety, because nothing helped me more than snuggling some furry friends," Molly told Love Meow.

She grew up on a farm, and cats had always been part of her life. "I told myself that when I was ready for a cat, I would only adopt an adult cat with special needs (the ones that are so much harder to get adopted)."

She went on PetFinder and noticed a 9 and a half year-old cat, who looked a bit different. "When Otitis popped up, I knew he was the one."

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

"I reached out to the rescue association that fostered him and cared for him (the Feline Rescue Association of Baltimore) and enquired more about him," Molly told Love Meow.

He lost his ears due to massive cysts that his previous owners couldn't afford to treat. They surrendered him to FRA.

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

His ears needed to be removed, and as a result, Otitis is deaf, but that doesn't matter to Molly. "I was the first person to ever submit an application for him."

A day after adoption, Otitis came out of his shell and couldn't stop snuggling with his forever human.

He gives his mom kisses and snuggles every day.

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

The senior kitty changed her life forever.

Otitis guards his mom when she sleeps.

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

He is always watching...

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

Despite his age, Otitis is playful and full of energy. He is really a kitten at heart.

Being deaf doesn't bother him a bit. He can "hear" in his own way.

"No more computer! Give me attention meow!"

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

Otitis loves to know what his mom is doing at all time.

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

Demanding belly rubs!

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

"He is my Emotional Support Animal and always snuggles me at night and when I'm very stressed or having a panic attack," Molly told Love Meow.

"He is some times the only thing that can calm me down at times. He's the best thing I ever did and he definitely rescued me, I didn't rescue him."

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

First thing in the morning after waking up.

Otitis is always watching :)


Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

Gorgeous little boy!

Courtesy: Molly Lichtenwalner @adventuresofotitis

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