Farm Cat Helps Goats Raise Their Kids and Guard Their Home...


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A fluffy ginger cat found his forever home at a local farm in West Virginia. The family was delighted when the kitty started caring for the animals at the farm and even helped a goat through her labor. Now this incredible feline is looking after the kids and guarding their home.

Meet Pretty Boy!

Pretty Boy & Copper

When Pretty Boy came to the farm, he strutted about in his new home as if he owned it.

"Operation Fancy Free (Jackson Co, West Virginia) had him vetted as part of our TNR program (if you look, you can see his ear tip). The family that owns the farm absolutely adore him and he is well cared for," Laura of Operation Fancy Free told Love Meow.

When Copper the goat was pregnant and needed to be confined for her labor, Pretty Boy stayed by her side and even started massaging her belly to help her ease the discomfort.

"All the females are pregnant and there are many. Mostly he didn't interact with them...," Kat the neighbor told Love Meow. "With Copper confined, I noticed that Pretty Boy was spending a lot of time in her stall, laying near her, rubbing up against her, sitting on the rail as if watching over her. I was amused by it all."

Pretty Boy & Copper

Pretty Boy displayed what they called a Goat Midwife manner as he kneaded on Copper's pregnant belly before she went into labor.

After the babies were born, Pretty Boy snuggled up to Copper to comfort the mama.

Pretty Boy & Copper

He welcomed the three kids into the farm and offered to babysit them while keeping mama Copper company.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Pretty Boy spends every day with Copper and her kids.

It's like a family of four.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Watching over the kids, making sure they are behaving.

Pretty Boy does his supervising work like a pro.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Copper loves having her feline helper around.

The ginger kitty gives them a sense of security that they are protected and lots of comfort.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Onto the next mommy to be..

Pretty Boy & Copper

Pretty Boy takes care of the kids when they are out and about.

He wouldn't let them out of his sight.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Pretty Boy...the Goat Guardian.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Ever since Pretty Boy came to the farm, he's been looking after everyone and guarding them day and night.

Despite all their differences, Pretty Boy loves his these animals like his own family.

Pretty Boy & Copper

Watch Pretty Boy's story:

Pretty Boy tries to comfort mama while her kids are jumping all over her.

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